Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Manipulated Hate: (Unedited): 22 Oct 2014:

The days of your anger and hatred have gone by for the destroyer of you. No longer does the destroyer need to influence and manipulate you into a state of anger and hatred. You now do it all on your own.  
Today, this day. I can feel your hatred and anger. Your heart is murderous and revenge boils in your blood. To such a degree that your own genetic code has been altered. So, that now your children will hate and murder more than you. Eventually, a state of perpetual rage will engulf your family and you all shall end. The destroyer has effectively destroyed all that you are, your were meant to become. From a simple angelic manipulative technique generations ago and is today perpetuated by humanities children.
Even today new children who know not real hate or anger are being influenced to be angry and hateful for long periods of time. The angelic destroyers will grow, raise their hatreds until the sweet blossoms of uncontrolled rage blooms and spreads their seeds.
Once the habit of anger and hatred become habitual within the human mind. The angelic destroyer no longer needs to be present. The human will continue on in their own self perpetuating anger and hatred. Even until the point that the human being exercises their own free will to become enraged and takes action upon it.
The leaders of this whole world are the children of hate and anger. Even the leaders with the greatest of all human endeavors to come. Such as Mr. Putin and Mr.  Xi Jinping. Except they as prophecy dictates will pursue extinction instead of a very bright human future. Can human extinction be averted by our own human hands? Probably not but yes there is a possibility. The leaders of the world must do very risky things in order for all of humanity to survive. Those very risky things are directly related to their pride and ego.
Each of you must see that the US is no longer a threat. The USA cannot even protect their own homeland. Their true military leaders and great minds are gone. Righteousness has died. So too does honor. So all of your dealings with or for the USA should be through the UN. The USA has wholly rejected the GOD of their creation and as such will suffer via the loss of their national identity.  This is where your plans should be. Be patient and wait. Each of you should be looking up into the stars and going there. Not flying around and searching for vulnerabilities. Those vulnerabilities are to many to count. Not arguing what insignificant island is yours or not and then threatening war. Just because one bully is about to fall is not your permission or right to be the next bully to rise.
I tell you the truth Mr. Putin and Mr. Xi Jinping just as there is no honor in fighting an arrogant man who is wholly unable to defend themselves. You may find enjoyment in their defeat and subsequent piling on. That joy and satisfaction will be short lived as the extinction of humanity begins. The men who have a genuine belief of the importance in honor. Must in turn protect the arrogant man even from himself and just wait patiently for his fall from grace.  See the difficulties.
Neither of you shall profit if the former USA becomes a nuclear waste land. Neither of you shall profit if the former USA cities are destroyed. 

Be sober and in control of your own minds. Any mindset which focuses on hate, conflict, chaos and death is of the human destroyer. The fallen ones technology have been left behind by those who easily defeated them. Although, their technology is far superior to our own. It was essentially nothing to those who defeated them in a very short period of time. The fallen ones are who enslaved humanity and will attempt to do it again through their chosen human leaders. Already, it may be to late for humanity. The ones who so easily destroyed our en-slavers actually saved us while in the process of destroying 4 planets, moons and other heavenly bodies. Go and look the archeology is everywhere.

Here is a key. That which was done to the fallen angels. Will be copied by them in order for us to be made extinct. What does this mean. All of the worlds leaders will eventually war with one another through master deceptions and clouding of the human mind. Will Russia and China go to war with one another? Yes. Will India go to war with their neighbor? Yes. Will the Koreas go to war with one another? Yes. and etc. It may all be from clouded and deceived minds. When your will, becomes the will of the fallen ones. Then your each the puppet and the puppet master who only hates your creation and existence.
By embracing love, peace, harmony and life. Effectively cuts the strings of the puppet masters control. They will have no power over you. 
Ye leaders of the world are all Pinocchio's.
Warning cartoonist adult content.

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