Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Victory Quality: (Unedited): 28 Oct 2014:

Wishing ill will or injury of your greatest challenger, not only harms them but also harms you by diminishing the quality of your honorable victory. 
For your victory or even your loss to be honest. Both sides must be at their best. All attitudes must be positive, prepared and righteous. Any cheating, harming, hating and negativity only taints the goodness of any victory or even a loss.
A loss can be more important than any victory where questions have risen. A loss can and reveal all of your errors in training and preparation. Especially, when you have believed that you have done everything you could have done. Your errors revealed are those opportunities for you to decissively make those newly identified errors in training and preparation.
With any clouded victory. One tends to celebrate and not question the victory by simply proclaiming a simple notation in the win column is more important than anything.
The attitudes of those who feel a need to cheat, harm or hate needs to be self altered. If they cannot be self altered. Then that team player, coach, management person needs to be changed. even if they are one of your aces. Becasue, they may not be able to be trusted when the body is weary, the mind is taxed and the spirit is confounded. From this state those negative and unrighteous feelings may end up in unfortunate actions. Which brings everyone down to that disgusting level of competition. Thus, spoiling any hope for an honorable victory or even loss.
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