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Nothing Line: Mixing Elements: (Unedited): 01 Nov 2014:

The line between right and wrong, good and bad, Holy and evil can never disappear into nothingness.  
The human mind is currently a weak thing even though it is considered the most marvelous thing of biological calculating machinery seen today. The human mind can change and alter it's own internal programming. By simple selfish choice or even by circumstance. Sometimes a fundamental change can happen which is beyond any explanation. No matter how much education you have and from which ever prestigious University.
Even the theologian can know so much about their own chosen religion. That the Divine Holiness of their religion knows them not. This is because they have not perceived the line even though they know all about the line.
Some theologians and even those men/women of holiness as defined and awarded by various religions and institutions may know of the line and yet are so blinded by the life of their own successes that they lead many into hatred, death, chaos and war. Which is completely against the teachings of the Holy One who is above all. Yet, they study this one being and yet they fall victim to the directives and teachings of those fallen ones. The line yet still remains. Even those fallen angels know exactly where the line is and where their own lines are. They do not cross it or them. This is not because they cannot logically do so. It is purely out of fear that they do not.
Where as for all of humanity.  We can and do cross the lines and any other line as we will it. By doing so is going to lead to our eventual extinction on a global scale. But, for the individual, extinction of the self, of family is more of a certain result. Which can be seen in the family history of each family.
God may by divine grace saves one lonely boy child and then saves another girl child. Then create many circumstance in order for the each of them to fall in love. To re-create the family in which HE intended. This is how the remnant works. It can even happen at a point when the boy child is destructive and apathetic and the girl child is worldly. Then deep within each of them begins the journey on the path to holiness. A new family is reborn out of two families which are on the ending road. They are the remnant. Their children are the new beginnings. While the parents must endure the end of it all. The end of it all in accordance to this physicality. Spiritually however is yet another story. Oh. I was talking about lines. Can you see the line between life and death and the subtlety of it? The dyeing family only exist within the sin of the world system of freedom. While not even aware of just how close they are from the ending of their family. They continue on with their lives of ever lasting drama. Until, the loss of sons, the loss of name and the loss of memory that your people ever existed.
The human being can become blinded by the obscurity of circumstance that no line is actually there. Over time forgetting that any line was ever there. It is of no matter how the line or lines of life seems to disappear. There are many more lines than in my simple quote. Such as in the logical formula in which I've written about many times.
Love Peace Harmony = Life
-------------------------------------                 (The dotted line is supposed to be a solid line.)
Hate War Chaos        = Death  

Mixing Elements: (Unedited): 01 Nov 2014:
 You cannot have what is above, mixed with any element which is below. To do so ends with the final result. Below the line. 
A typical fallen angel philosophy is out of chaos comes peace. If you can create chaos out of peace and then step in to bring forth peace. You will be looked upon as a truly great man. This philosophy of the fallen angels never gets into the reality if you get caught. But, that is the point of these kinds of philosophies. Not getting caught and if you do lie, lie and lie so more. How many lines do you have to cross? More than I can even perceive. If you get away with it, then it is good. The truth is No it isn't good and never was good. It was only good for you. Which is the point of the matter. What is good for you?
The fallen angels and all of those associated with them. Only wants you and the rest of us dead. Which the more they deceive us, confuse us. The closer to death we all get. For them a thousand years is just but a day while a hundred years is just a life time for humans. So, these fallen angels can do as they do for a very long period of time over many human generations and just sit back and watch all of their own handiwork as humanity self destructs. Which is what they all want. All of the fallen ones cannot allow humanity evolve to the point that we become superior to any of them. Do you understand? Do you understand that there are a rather large number of fallen beings on this planet as you read this. A number far larger than the military term legions and each of them is far superior to any human being. If they were allowed. They could over take the entire population of this planets entire military in minutes. Yes, Minutes. There are that many of them. They they could re-establish all of their own goddoms as they had once done before. But, they are prevented in some way. Which seems to be unknown to the entire general public of humanity.
 New word alert. (goddoms). No capital letters is ever used.
Kingdoms is the same as goddoms. Except the rulers causes everyone to believe they are gods.
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