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Prideful Victory: (Edited): 08 Nov 2014:

To the Chinese Government and media. Two brothers who stand together after a disagreement should stand beside one another in unity, love and peace. If one brother stands next to the other only in victory, this not love nor peace. It may not be apparent to China, but they need Japan just as, soon, Japan will need China. Any rejection from either of them because of their own stubbornness and pride may destroy them all. 
The great Sun Tzu and his Art of war mentions about how to use another's own pride and stubbornness in your own defined victory. It is too bad that his writings only foster lies and deceptions in order to gain any kind of possible victory. But, to what ends? For peace. Sure peace can only be attained when all of your enemies are wholly destroyed and dead. But, after you go forth and kill and destroy all of your enemies the only thing left is survival. The last time I checked, survival is not fun nor is it entirely peaceful. As a matter of fact, when you are surviving you're not feeling or thinking about anything peaceful. You will be mourning your losses. You will be trying to rebuild your life. Or with extreme warfare, all that you work to do afterward may still end in your own extinction, especially where a simple cut can lead to infection and then a painful death, which is a part of survival.
This is the state of our world's evolution of warfare today. Even a small insufficient island nation can still inflict great harm upon all of your land and people. Yes, the island nation will be destroyed by your own will and manpower. But at what cost? Are you willing to continue to call your brother an enemy because they made their respects to their own war dead? Even from my own peninsula I can smell your pride and stubbornness.  Yet, your actions and the actions of the China Media has me concerned over the survival of humanity.
China, you are on the cusp of true greatness. But only if you LEAD the world in peace, love, forgiveness and mercy will the entire region follow, and then the world.  From as it appears in Hong Kong, China is failing. China is failing with Japan. From these small tests - and they are "Small Tests" - China is failing as predicted before. China will be the simple trigger which causes the extinction of all of humanity. How is that for the cost of failure? No pressure.
Where can China and Japan re-discover their ancient writings of "The Art of Peace"? I'm not saying I know exactly where it is to reveal the answer to those leaders who are both blind and deaf. It will be like wasted wisdom compassionately spoken into the winds of a great storm. That sounds like a quote? This writing must mean something.
Both of your great nations and great peoples need to fundamentally change the way you think. Is this possible? YES. Is it probable? NO.
Can each of your great peoples look across the waters towards the other and see a long forgotten relative? By making that simple family relationship of thoughts within each of your own hearts, can you begin to alter how you deal with your lost family member? Consider the actions of any family anywhere in this world where any relative has become lost and then returns home. Do they not celebrate with great cheer? Why must it be different with governments and leaderships? Separating yourself from humanity causes you to lose the self. You guys are way smarter than me.
Added on 10 May 2017:
My Comment:
The threats to Japan are not just North Korea. It is also from a new China and a re-surging Russia. The defense of Japan must take in these other threats as well because North Korea is friends with China and Russia. So any attack or defensive preemptive attack may result in military actions from China and Russia to some degree. 
Once a Tomahawk cruise missile is launched from a ship or even from a military base from Japan, how long does it take to get to a target? Up to two hours +/- a little bit of time. The Tomahawk cruise missiles may be just a propaganda tool to elicit a friendlier action from the dictator/god from North Korea, because every nation has use of shoot-and-scoot as part of their military tactics. When North Korea shoots off their missiles, the launchers go and hide. Those Tomahawk cruise missile are barely over the ocean, assuming they were fired from a base in Japan. So these cruise missile must be used against hardened and or stationary targets, but may be ineffective against hardened targets. 
The weapons systems that Japan must consider is the use of more destroyers from the USA or from their own creation as well as support missile frigates. 
With president Donald Trump in office, the sale of three old Nimitz class Air Craft Carriers may be a very slim possibility, but also a strategic value for the region. Those three Air Craft Carriers along with a compliment of F/A 18's plus other aircraft and missiles would go along way to offset the threats already posed by Russia and China. They would still not even be enough for Japan to pose an offensive threat to anyone in the region. They would however earn more respect and gain more attention of their newly purchased capabilities. For the USA government, if any real hot action were to happen to Japan or in that region it would buy some time for the US military to move assets and personnel into the region. 
Japan would also need to build up their military bases to house a variety of missile systems and other new energy based weapons systems as well as OTH (Over The Horizon) RADAR systems that would need to be oriented towards Russia, China, North Korea and the China Seas. 
That is a lot of money and efforts by a nation with a shrinking population.
I forgot to add that every Aircraft Carrier will need it's own compliment of submarines, cruisers, destroyers, frigates and corvettes plus necessary logistical support ships. That would be about 4 of each one plus a certain number of variants of each, not to mention support ships as well as other land based logistics supports. So the over all expense is really huge and for a really long time. 
 With a shrinking population(Japan) comes a shrinking tax base and huge debt problems.
China needs to redirect their efforts towards peaceful means, like space and the beginning the journey up there. Once China begins in earnest and with much much greater efforts to go into space, then the rest of the world will take notice and join them (China) as has been done with the USA in the old space days. This is the path to peace for all of humanity. The continual building of war machines by all of the modern era nations will only lead all of humanity into the extinction process.  
Added on 28 May 2017:
I was gonna write something but it was a repeat. So I did some minor editing. Then the professional editor arrived.
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To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.  
To exist in harmony with all.  
To Cherish all life.  
To be obedient to the Laws of God.  
To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.  
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