Saturday, November 8, 2014

Warrior Insanity: (Unedited): 07 Nov 2014:

A simple little flower maybe all that is required to spark spiritual insanity upon the person who loves war. 
The warrior who loves war than them-self is at risk of losing their birth right as the protector of all that is innocent and pure. This is why a warrior is who they are. It isn't to become the spear head of some noble or proclaimed righteous/holy leader. A warrior is who they are becomes of divine proclamation within their own spiritual and genetic being.
Because, a warrior is that much better physically than most anyone else. It is easy for a warrior to become a bully or a mass killing machine for some leader who is only bending the warrior to their will.
The warrior who begins to love and thirst for any kind of conflict, fight or war. No matter the reason or cause. Is at risk of losing all that they were meant to be.
This will eventually show up in their uncontrolled focus attention upon something so small and insignificantly beautiful. Something they would have stepped on and crushed to death. But, in that particular moment in time. They can hear the beauty in which they see. That little flower in the midst of massive death and destruction. Then all is changed within them. The will to fight has changed. The guilt of conviction from that little flower burns their heart, their mind and their soul. They knew they have lost their way. They know that righteousness is gone from them forever for they have already been convicted by that little flower.
So what can the warrior do? Seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Even the truth in which you already know may only be partial or a complete lie. In order to cause you to do what others demand/order you to do.
The warriors fundamental purpose is to defend and protect all of the innocent. It matters not where they are from or who has deemed an innocent as an enemy. If an innocent has been deemed an enemy by anyone within your chain of command. Then your chain of command is wrong and you should separate yourself from it.
Actually, no warrior should be a part of any political, religious or military structure. To be a part of any ruling body as the world knows of it today means. The warrior is under the authority of that controlling body and as such will be forced to cause harm to innocents.
A warrior should be apart of a spiritual brother/sisterhood. This should be necessary in order to maintain their individual righteousness. The warrior should be separate from any worldly body. Then when one or more worldly body decides it wants to control everything. Then they as an organized warrior spiritual group all over the world can become the balancing force which end tyranny before it can take a hold. No warrior should become a worldly leader of any kind or type. No matter what the common peoples demand. It is not for the warriors of the world to lead common peoples. The warriors are to maintain a balance of innocent life. Which means peace, love and harmony.
The old ways of living a sinless life is of paramount importance.
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