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Hand Grenade Movie Vision: (Unedited): 05 Nov 2014:

I think visions are those things which someone has already thought up and have implemented a working plan. Those agencies which are involved in preventing any attacks. Should do as they may in the prevention of this kind and any other. In which they do in accordance to their own probability objective sheets. What ever those are called. 
Within the vision. I do not know where it is. From within the building there are no unique markings of the hall way. For me this is a problem. I do not know how to maintain self and to just control movements or my attentions in  particular directions. In order to ascertain an exact location.
From the end of a corridor he is alone. A thin dark man with dark coat. He pauses and then with a purpose he walks into the first theater and tosses in a hand grenade. Then he continues across the hall and tosses another. Then he continues down to the next theater. End.
Weird part as I am revealing this. This almost feels like another as it is revealed other possibilities arise. The choices people make creates other probabilities and possibilities.
He stops. Someone is paying attention to him. He throws a grenade and the one who is paying attention can either die or shoot him before the grenade is thrown. An underhanded toss maybe.
It is night time.
How to prevent the good guy from shooting an innocent person, because of this revelation. When in high stress. In a poorly lit corridor. How can you tell the difference between a candy bar and a hand grenade? In a split second? Probably, the guy with a candy bar isn't gonna toss it at you underhandedly and may just drop it. The unreasonable innocent person may just do just that.
The pin has already been pulled and his intentions is to kill more.
So shooting the bad guy will cause the grenade to fall and explode. Thus causing more harm and deaths. But, this is not the fault of the good guy who may shoot the bad guy with the grenade. The bad guy has already decided to kill as many as possible. The good man must prevent him from pulling another pin if the bad guy has another.
Assumptions. My assumptions are usually wrong.
So, was the cop already there or did he just show up to have a look around when the "bangs" occurred and the panic begins? So, several theaters had already been blown up and the bad guy was in a hurry. So, the cop could not have gotten any call that fast.

A successful attack of this magnitude would need to occur during a major movie release.
At night so that the dark clothed bad guy can get away easier.
How many hand grenades? At least four or more.

Do movie theaters have security camera rooms. Where a cop can hide out of sight. I do not know.
Can an armed security guard have the necessary training to shoot the bad guy. Especially, when so many panicked persons are behind the bad guy.
Would you shoot? risking more lives by your own bullets or allow the bad guy to throw his hand grenade causing more harm and then to continue on with possibly more tossing of hand grenades.
Is that the outcome to be. An impossible decision. For the person presented with this kind of split decision.
If the bad guy has grenades then he will most likely have guns. 
How does the USA track their hand grenades? Will an inventory check world wide help?
Can middle east hand grenades travel through the southern American border. Well, Yes. They are small and fit uncomfortably in baggy pockets. 
There was nothing going on in my day that involved any thoughts of terrorism or attacks. Just a beautiful day spent in the solitude of outdoors work. I do not really follow the news. Although I did see what appeared to be anti-submarine warfare helicopters over the last couple of days. I guess that would be a possible psychological connection. But a submarine probing in an area which is in between Pensacola, Fl. and Tampa, Fl. is what has been been foreseen. Among many other coastal USA locations.
The purpose in this revelation of prophecy is to prevent it from happening. Not to create ideas.

Movie theater actions.
 To prevent the possibility of future attacks. Out of sight and out of mind improves the customers viewing enjoyment. So having police cars out front or those surveillance platforms which raise up high. Is not really conducive to comfort or enjoyment in the are of a high security presence.This could be a preventative presence.
Whether this is done now or not. I do not know.
Every movie theater needs to create an official security room. Which will have the recording devices and security camera controls. A place where law enforcement and or security personnel can hide away observing movie goers. From a secure and hidden place. This will ease minds.
Within each theater room. They will need to have digital low light cameras installed. Which can be programmed.
Each major movie theater can offer safety and security spots in a caring and compassionate manor. Thus, easing the minds of movie goers and gently warning the bad guys. Just a revelation of security measures and how suddenly a bad guy is over taken. Can prevent future attacks.
These security spots can be online from official websites as well as humorous spots before a movie of young people kissing in the back row.
Keeping the hall ways clear by being a friendly presence to anyone who is just loitering and appears to have no real intention to seeing a movie. By just simply having a friendly talk about movies and which ones were good. Good be enough to spook the person away. But, with a person with a murderous intention and action plan. This may not work. (MAY).
Added on 09 Nov 2014:
This is something which you the reader needs to know about prophecy.
Any natural disaster which is revealed may not alter the event at all. But, how we prepare for the event can prevent or mitigate injuries and or deaths, Also lessen damages to a degree.
Any man made disaster event which is prophetically revealed. Can change everything. If the person or persons are intent on doing bad things. Then they may go and do those bad things in another area, location or even to different groups of people.
What I'm saying about this is. If this bad person has a lot of grenades or is going to get a lot of grenades. He may not go to the movie theaters and do his attack. He may go else where especially if he discovers that the security has been enhanced.
So tracking grenades or you government types offering for sale grenades to bad people in the hopes of discovering who the bad person is. However you guys do what you do-safely. 
Added on 13 Nov 2014:
Did some minor edits and added some minor comments. No change in this vision.

Sometimes, I think a dark shady person whom cannot be recognized. May be a demonically protected person.
Maybe just a plan in need of a body. Which means the intention of the teacher is very real. Think about this. Someone has to plan and give the idea or command for someone to commit. That someone may not be known as of yet. But, the one who shall convince or teach. Is the evil one.
Which may mean the hand grenades are already in someones possession or have the ability to easily obtain.
Hand Grenade News.

No Matter What Country Your From
For you FBI, CIA and other Intelligence types. It may be a good idea to allow those who want to go and join ISIS, ISIL or IS in their fight in the Middle East as they will not be present here in the USA or in your country to think up murders to commit here or there. By tracking them to where ever they may be. Then let the dangers of warfare solve those foreign American fighter issues. War is dangerous and bombs just fall upon any peoples heads.
By allowing them to go. It may even prevent/delay the coming Tet Offensive in the USA, Canada and Europe. Because, those new converts or radical Muslims desperately want to join in the fight. By creating the air of how ISIS is becoming invincible and the western forces are basically ineffective. They will all want to go and join in on the winning side of Islam. By allowing all of them to go. Then they will not be present to cut off the heads of innocent little old ladies. Attacking military or law enforcement personnel and their families. Then you can give them the peace they want though their own death. Pretty harsh.
Think about this. Laws do not matter if a person has already decided not to honor or respect those laws. Isn't that one of the purposes of law enforcement to protect the innocent? I know the vast majority of you spooks and suits would save an innocent person from some calamity if you just happened to be there. So, how do you protect and prevent? Just the same way as when Tampa PD was re-directing the angry mobs. You re-direct those who want to join in on this religious war. You allow those who want to leave-leave. By giving them enough of a chase and purposeful screw ups on your part to think they are free to join the war with ISIS. Then like I said before. War is dangerous. Bombs fall on any persons noggin. Who are on the wrong side.
Added on 19 Dec 2015:
It is not my intention to be so prideful as to own or become the the original source of any prophecy. If this vision were to become manifest into our human reality. Then we all have failed and I have failed. The purpose of any prophecy is to take those necessary action to make sure that any and all bad and sad prophecy is prevented or mitigated to a large percentage. That is the hope. So, if you the reader desires to spread the word of any of my bad and sad prophecies. Then do so. If your from an Alphabet agency. Then make a plan of prevention and mitigation.
Added on 30 April 2016:
Vision this morning. Men in mega churches in the upper balcony levels. Begin to yell their words to Allah. They begin throwing hand grenades. They were backed up with men with guns. I was thinking about May Day. I feel like I'm stuck on hand grenades. I can see the men who purposely threw hand grenades towards the people closest to the entrances/exits. This was done to slow down the rushing people. To create impediments. Their exits shall be clear as they make their escape. To conduct attacks in other places.
But, The Christian churches seem to be outright rejecting the possibility that Sharia ruled Islamic men and families are their only waiting for the order to kill those within the Christian churches.
Everything I write and reveal is meant to save lives. If this particular information gets out through you the reader. Who has already prayed and meditated upon these words. Then put them into your own words. And no need to mention or credit me. Because, remember San Bernardino California. That couple killed their work place friends and then escaped to cause other attacks elsewhere. The Islamic persons will befriend those of you in church as well as gain your trust and respect.
At the very least. These mega churches should place security cameras on the upper levels. So that Law Enforcement can obtain clear video of those who shall do these things. 
As with any news article or wiki. It is up to you to pray and meditate first upon them. Also, notice the dates. Question everything with respect. This includes everything I write. Especially, if you like it.'_Day
Yes, These are important: John Guandolo. You Tube search term with less than 1 year. To find more info. It is important to match his Quran versus with what he is saying. Get the facts and actually verify them.
Added on 23 June 2016: Man with a hand grenade as well as gun.
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