Sunday, November 9, 2014

Demonic USA Prophecy: (Unedited): 09 Nov 2014:

The USA will have the largest population of persons who are possessed by demonic entities.  
People within the USA will become possessed by more and more demonic entities. There will be a build-up to the possessions over time. This is because of the uncertainty of those demonic beings believing that GOD no longer protects the People of the USA.
How this is happening is very logical.
1). The lack of any belief/faith system within the individual. Although this is not an absolute.
2). The sinful life as something which is normal and who is free of any guilt or remorse. Although this is not an absolute. The new freedom to sin as a right.
3). The taking of mind altering medications for mental issues. This opens the door to any demonic entity. It matters not belief system of righteous life.
4). Other mind altering intoxicants which may be legal or not. Socially and culturally acceptable or not. This will include tobacco, alcohol products. Similar to #3.

Some or all of these things combined can and will open the door to the losing control of your physical body in which your spiritual being inhabits. It will be spiritual hell for you and you will come to believe while you are imprisoned within the physical body which no longer belongs to you. Many spirits can inhabit a single body. They can take turns restraining the original spirit within. While one does it's own will and then take turns sharing the control of the physical body. The longer the possession takes place. The more the physical mind will be altered including the psychology as well as the development of new awful habits.
Small townships will have dozens of demonically possessed persons. While large cities will have many thousands. They will be everywhere.  
These persons who become demonically possessed. Will show odd behaviors and will be very dangerous. They will possess the powers of the fallen angels. They will become dangerous to the devoutly holy as well as to anyone else.
For instance. They will walk across the street without looking and then express anger management problems to the  person who avoided hitting them. If they are driving. They will not react to save any life and if they hit any person. They will just drive on. This is just a for instance. They will just be odd. If the person who is possessed dies then the demonic spirit will just find another body.
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