Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Militarized Body: Militarized Populations: (Unedited): 11 Nov 2014:

One Body.
One Mind.
One Soul.
Acting singularly.
People Synchronized.
A militarized Civilian Population.
All with one common goal.
All who practice the same.
All with one song and tone. 
All with only one common objective. 
Can a clone look and be different and yet still be the same?
Can an individual person be trained from birth to only know the collective?
Can a collective mind ever be freed if it knows not of it's own imprisonment?
To act outside of the established societal parameters means revolt. Revolt is bad.
Militarized Populations: (Unedited): 11 Nov 2014: 
A whole militarized civilian population wearing the same civilian style clothing is still a singular military unit of one mindset. All under the command of one singular commander.
How far away can freedom be from the government-ally entrained mind? All the way to the self disillusionment of believing they are free when they are not. Believing that all that they know is right and normal and it's all OK.

A free and righteous mind will reject evil on any level as well as those types of wrongful commands. While an imprisoned mind of their self defined collective grouping. Will obey all orders without any thought of dissension.

A enslaved mind under the command of the collective will kill on command. No matter the person who is to be killed is innocent or of no threat.
While the free mind of the righteous. Will not kill simply because it was ordered. There must be a why. There must be righteous honor.
I wonder if this is why the righteous of the world shall be hunted and killed in those end times to come. Because they will not comply. Choosing spiritual freedom. Which means physical death.


Except this end of time event will not only be the Jew. Also the Christian, Islam, Buddhists and any other non complying person.

I'm using the word "righteous" in an all inclusive manor. The Christian who loves one another shall be killed. The Islamic person shall be killed for being in peace. Those who live in accordance to those Ancient Asian religions of harmony shall also be killed. Every other person who does value an importance of Truth, Honesty, Life, Love, Peace, Harmony, Civility, Honor and Respect. Shall also be killed. Anyone who is not of or within the coming governmental collective. Shall die. There will be no remorse or after thought.
You the righteous must be destroyed and also of the memory of you must become as nothingness. This must be done in order for the coming evil to rebuild/remake the world it desires and demands. They will sit and stand in celebration while drinking/savoring the blood of the innocent like a vintage fine wine.
This is already happening is ongoing for many decades. Each government of the coming One World Government is focusing on one aspect of population control and total societal entrainment.
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