Monday, December 29, 2014

Complete Absolute: Old Beginning: (Unedited): 29 Dec 2014:

A person must have complete closure before they have a new absolute openness.
The end of the old must precede the beginning of the new.
This is for anyone and everyone. Experiencing closure in your life by your own outward choice. Is very healthy for you to do. Closure of those things in your life must precede those things you desire to begin a new for you. This is how fair opportunities occur in life. It doesn't matter if it is personal or professional. If you do not have clean and open closure in those old things in life. Those new things will not have a good healthy beginning. So while you are in the middle of family problems, legal problems, Business problems. It is never a good time to begin those new things. Those old things even if they are very good things should be seen to each their completions. This isn't all about bad things. It is also about good things.
For those of you who seem to be helpless to close those old things in your life. God will interfere and cause those old things, those old wounds to finally close and heal. When those things happen to you which is beyond your control or even approval. Those old things shall end. When those things do end. It doesn't necessarily mean that those on going things will end as well.
For God will do what God will. It is not for anyone to declare God's will in the moment.
These happenings are your signs from God. It means that those things which will conclude. Must happen before those new things that God wants you to do to begin. If you are already involved within a mission from God. Those things which you see closure in. Does not mean that your missions will end. It may mean that your mission will begin to ramp up to newer awareness in people. God has freed you from bondage. Technically again or for guys like me repeatedly.
If you desire a new beginning of anything. Find closure in all of those old things first. Even if those old family members abused and tortured you in many horrible ways. Forgive and move forward without looking back into the hell you survived and departed from.
 These quotes are not to be used by you to abandon your family, children or the old wife. For you to do so causes harm to those young innocent ones.
The word interfere used is the wrong word. 
This was inspired by Jonathan Kleck. This is unknown to JK and he is most likely unaware of this.
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