Sunday, December 28, 2014

Horizontal China: (Unedited): 28 Dec 2014:

China. The beautiful middle lands. Your leadership is going in the wrong direction. Going horizontally in your military advancement is not further advancement for all of your people or for all of humanity. Especially, when you are only copying the existing. When you only copy the current. You shall all always be behind the eight ball. Thinking and planning multidimensionally causes you to arc out in brilliant discovery. Just like watching a plasma ball. The random displays of plasma lightning is always typical. Then when you integrate yourself into the energy stream of discovery. Something brilliant happens and it is you. You are what made the change. Be the change. Be the positive change for the whole world. Do not allow yourselves to become the trigger of humanities extinction. Which is in prophecy from many.

Ever watch a child play with a plasma ball? It's fun and entertaining. It is also an opportunity to learn unknown secrets. For instance get a pair of LED shoes for your child. Then watch them play with the plasma globe and watch the shoes. From a distance where you can observe it all.You will see a secret truth. Just like listening to a radio which has no apparent power source connected to it.

When you always follow the flow of current and especially those who have led the way for 60+ years. It is easy to become safely complacent behind those who have led for so long. But, to continue to follow the lead of those who have been failing in actions and judgements. Is absolutely unwise and reckless. Not only for your people but for the whole of the world. Blindly walking the same path of the man who was once an inspired leader and now has become the fool of fools. Is a level of insanity which those who follow shall pay a very bloody price.
Look up and go up. Read. these as well. These are just a few in regards to China. There are more. Related and not so related.
Added on 22 May 2016: Made some minor edits and added some content.  To above content.
China is making bad news again.
 The purest form of leadership is one where the one person does his own thing to a degree that everyone out of their own free choice begins to follow and to freely choose to become involved with the one who started it all. There are no guns, no blades, no large groups of men who look constipated with threats of coming violence.  This is the purest and best form of leadership. To the point where the one who began it all. Questions where did all of these different kinds of people come from?
China you can be in that place of pure leadership for the greater good for the benefit of all of humanity. The Islands build ups mean nothing in regards to the rewards which is way up there. The resources which can be gotten from gotten from all of those islands which offend those who are and were your friends is as valuable as a grain of sand in your hand. This is in comparison to the dimensional wealth in which all you have to do is reach out and go and get.
You must stop playing the games of the world.
Added on 07 June 2016:
LOL. To the news below. Really pigs?  Meant with respect. With respect to the Chinese leadership. Have you begun to look up and go there? Have you begun to re-divert war making funds into space assets? I know I'm right and I say that knowing I will not profit in any way from being right.  This is not arrogance or ego or pride. It is merely a deep need to avert all of the bad and sad prophecies ever written. Which ends in the extinction of humanity. That means you to. Even if you the Chinese do go up into the heavens. You have to learn how to do more than survive, more than exist. You have to learn how to thrive. If and when some insane nation with crazy leaders like my country the USA decides to let loose humanities extinction path. The only safe place is in the heavens. Not underground in hardened bunkers.
Added on 07 June 2016: Interesting news on the Islands.
This is Prophecy.
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