Sunday, December 28, 2014

Heart Messages: Foolish Christian: (unedited): 28 Dec 2014:

Those persons who sing, teach and preach from their truthful heart. Leaves a long lasting message of truth within anyone who internalizes what they hear and see.
Those persons who sing, teach and preach from a lying heart. Leaves disbelief's, questions and doubts within anyone who believed in them and their messages. 
Foolish Christian: (Unedited): 28 Dec 2014:
The foolish and falsely claimed Christians only want their feel good entertainment. They do not care who or what kind of people entertain them.

It is nearly crucial to know who is singing the songs you hear. The person who teaches you the right ways to live and how to think can cause you and your family a great deed or an awful curse. Once it is discovered that your teacher has always had a lying heart and a sinful mind. Those young ones will automatically know that they were taught by people who never really believed what they were singing or teaching. They will always know they were lied to in an atmosphere of teaching innocent truths. This is a crime.
It is very important to know who the people actually are who are freely going into your children's ears and eyes.
Is that religious singing group full of gay people? or just full of people who thirst for any musical opportunity?
For them it is just entertainment and nothing more.
What about your God sent preacher? Do you actually know him? Which god sent him? Just research for yourself the crimes of former Christian pastors.

Just because your religious radio station plays acceptable themed music. Doesn't mean They are of the faithful. Only those who are actually living in accordance to the mandates of GOD are the faithful. Have you heard pentatonix on your christian radio station? I have. The Joy FM

The foolish and falsely claimed Christians are those persons who are only Christian on those days and hours in which they go to church. The rest of their everyday lives is spent living of the world and knowing they are doing bad because of that free choice. So out of their perpetual guilt. They go to church in order to feel good, happy and welcomed. For them their paid tithe is merely paid admission for entry. A religion is supposed to teach you how to become righteous and holy as defined by God's Holy words written in book form. So if your reading this and you are one of those who continue to do those objectionable things the world demands of you. Then you really need to pray and meditate upon God. You really need to get deeper into the Holy Bible and speak to the pastor of that very small working church you know you should have been attending all along. But, it just wasn't fun enough for you. You already know what I'm talking about. Talk to that pastor about changing your entire life. Even if it means your gonna get poor. Out of your new found poordom you may discover a greater source of wealth.

There is a lot of LGBT information about the 2 members who are openly gay of this Pentatonix group.
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