Saturday, December 27, 2014

Celebration Blocks: (Unedited): 27 Dec 2014:

Those fun celebrations of lies and deceptions of childhood. Becomes those stumbling blocks into believing those things which are most true. 
What are those things in which children grow up into believing are truths only to discover they all were lies? Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, Bogey man, Sandman and many many more. These are all lies and deceptions in which kids are convinced through deceptive actions perpetuated by their own parents. Yes, It is the parents and all of the media of entertainment which continues the lies and deceptions onto every generation.
There is so much lies and deceptions in the world today. Even the adult versions of lies and deceptions. In which virtually every adult and parent believes them to be truths. These are not their fault in the spreading of lies and deceptions. Such as the separation and division of the races of humanity. For one.
What happens is when you believe so many lies as truths. When your confronted with an absolute truth you almost automatically believe it as a lie. Which is by years and decades of psychological conditioning on what to believe and how to think. All of our minds have become so entrapped. That even those who are brilliant in all things of their chosen religion. Have they themselves become so conditioned to believe that all of the bad and sad prophecies must happen and it is necessary for all of us to become expectant of them. This is all wrong.
 Bad and sad Prophecies from all of those prophets of doom and gloom are for warning purposes only. In which upon hearing we utilize our wisdom, knowledge and understanding to either prevent and or mitigate the now foreseen event(s). The wise words of hopeful possibilities spoken by any mentor are to be those things we each are to endeavor with continuous effort. Until, all of those wishes and dreams we have ever had are manifested into our individual realities.
This is how they are supposed to work.
I for one do not want GOD or Jesus  or any of the righteous angel to return when we have screwed up so much as a singular race of humans. Do you really want an angry GOD,  an angry Messiah or angry righteous Angels to return in order to exact the judgement of discipline upon us all. Because, this is what is in store for us all. Which has all been prophesied by many religions, cultures and traditions. 

But, of course no one is gonna believe what I have written. They are all to busy living their lives how they want. Those who know the Holy Books the most are very busy causing and effecting the return of God, The Messiah and of the Righteous Angels. Celebrating and rejoicing the return of a very angry God who is going to allow our human collective extinction. And it is going to be all of our fault. We had all of the warnings. We all know the presence of the fallen angels and their influence in the entire world systems. We are deserving of this final discipline.
The headlines of the Divine Newspaper of GOD shall read. Above the fold.

"Humans celebrate and rejoice all the way to Extinction"
Be sure you are clear within your own mind and spirit what is true and righteous. The only way to do that is to spend quiet time with GOD. In which He shall reveal all to you. In accordance to your level of ability. To revel to anyone above and beyond their abilities is harmful. God does not harm the righteous soul.
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