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USA war 2026?: (Unedited): 27 Dec 2014:

By the year 2020. Russia and China will have completed their first phase of military modernization programs. Their perspective second phases comes at around 2024. Russia is currently in a severe economic downturn. Which may do one of two things. Cause Russia to act out against the USA. In which the USA mainland is absolutely defenseless from any coastal attack via EMP missiles from a variety of submarines. Also, north Korea just received global embarrassment at the hands of the USA. North Korea does have the capability to launch missiles along the USA coast. The cost to defend the entire USA would be astronomical and would most likely take up the entire pentagon budget. Here is just an idea. A 4 year intensive plan to refit the US Navy. In order to offset the coming Russian, Chinese and North Korean military threats. This is in response to the actions in Crimea by Russia. This is also in response to China building Military island installations. 

The current economic turmoil that Russia is experiencing and the lack of cyber war effect against the USA from the leadership of China. Should be cause enough for each of them to institute a delay. Probably in the tune of nearly 10 years. They each will need to calm down in order for their surprise effectiveness can be realized. If they each keep banging on their war drums. Then their loses shall be greater. If the USA's response is to invest more money into their war machine modernization and capabilities. If the USA does not. Then it won't really matter to much. 
 A complete re-engineering and rethinking of these old relics and how they can be used in modern warfare. Since the old relics are think skinned. They should hold up better in a fight, if their is a technological failure as opposed to their younger brethren of the same class. In modern warfare thinking. there doesn't seem to be much thought in how to fight if the tech dies. This is why the old relics can be very important.
The six Retired Aircraft Carriers can be re-used as either Drone launching platforms, Helicopter Carriers or a combination of both. With the current world at an aggressive cold war. The cold war lines have been drawn and the first cyber war having just occurred or is it ongoing. Not a question.
Aircraft Carrier Refit 
Coupled with the addition of 4-6 CIWS systems strategically located. 2@ front corners. 2@ rear corners. 1 @ each forward and rear of Island.
 A highly expanded and complete form of the Aegis combat system integration. With missile offensive and defensive capabilities. Missile systems to be covered by the flight deck. Vertical Launch system positioned in the deck of the ship deemed unused for future use. Torpedo ports near sea level of the ship.
200-300 of the next generation Sikorsky S-97 Raider Helicopters. One the major draw back to these craft is the limited operational range of 308 NM. This range will need to be doubled and just adding more fuel capacity will degrade performance. This craft is still under developmental status.
A new generation of combat drone craft which can be launched and retrieved by an Aircraft Carrier.
These drones must have a chosen/selected capability of spoofing enemy radar, Carrying a destructive warhead/missiles, Radar Jamming as well as a host of other capabilities. I see combat drones becoming the spearhead of any aerial attack on any target. To overwhelm, to exhaust and to divide defensive weapons systems. So that human powered craft can exact total damage on selected targets.
By allowing the USS Nimitz and the USS Eisenhower to be refit with greater defensive capabilities. As well as keeping a full compliment of FA/18FG combat planes. The lethality of this new battle group will be complete. All of the holes covered. Except for the new one as yet to be exploited.
Battleship Refit
Nuclear powered, New Engines. Aegis Combat integration systems. This would be the best in Battleship re-thinking. The Battleship is not useless against the Aircraft carrier. You just have to re-think it's strategy of use. With the modernization of these battleships. Incorporate a dedicated satellite.
A country will build a new modern missile battleship in a length greater than Aircraft Carriers. Which in packs will be able to defeat entire Aircraft carrier battle groups and aircraft at full running speed.
Destroyer Refit
Nuclear powered. New engines. Aegis Combat Integration systems. The addition of 1-2 Phalanx CIWS. New mini CIWS Phalanx in the 7.62mm or American .308. For drone defense.
Attack Submarine Refit
These would just entail a modernization and refueling. To be incorporated into the Aegis Combat System. The Aegis Combat System Integration was most likely already done. But, it bees classified. This would be important to incorporate into the system. Because, To receive combat information would not reveal your location. So if attack submarines can tap into the combat network. They can act upon combat intelligence gathered without the enemy becoming aware of it's exact location.
A new Naval Battle Group. Which will consist of 3 Aircraft Carriers, 2 Battleships, 4 Cruisers, 4 Destroyers, 8 frigates, 6 Attack submarines and support vessels. As well as dedicated military satellites.
The state of these ships listed may very well be cost prohibited for modernization and re-fit. But, the hulls of each ship listed may still be in usable or repairable condition.
6-9 Aircraft Carriers
4 Iowa Class battleships
A new modern era Battleship needs to be created. When you don't have one of those. Then WW2 is good enough.
1 Charles F Adams Class Destroyer
3 Forrest Sherman Class destroyers
8-12+ Attack Submarines
Apparently once these boats are decommissioned. They are quickly recycled. There are a number of boats which are slated to be retired. These should be modernized and re-assigned to these new fleets.  
============================ : Slated for retirement.

!!!Red Horse Cometh!!!
This is all prophecy. No matter how the USA proceeds from now and into the future. The destruction of the USA and of other countries is assured. Which in turn leads to the final destruction to the entire world system as it is ruled over today. Which leads to the extinction of humanity. This will happen. It is apparent that Russia and China are under the control of superior beings who are not interested in Humanities survival. Just as the leadership of the Catholic Church will begin to lead even more people astray through deceptions. The Muslims will become more deceived than they are now and go into war wherever they may be. The Muslims will be absent of any kind of peace. The Christians will also become more deceived than they are now. Apathy grows within the Christian community. Soon each self isolated Christian will not know any Love. The eastern traditions will be deceived into more and more chaotic thinking and belief systems. So much so that living in harmony in any way will be most alien to them.
There is only one way for humanity to survive and it is listed in the blog just above the red horse cometh.

According to Pastor Steve Weyerts.This is what could be in store for the year 2026?. I do believe there is an order to all things. The following list of bible verses are not in any logical order. Except maybe the last one. Here is a clue if your unaware. The name of the USA is not the USA. Think about the original name that the puritans were going to create for themselves. Which is either New JerUSAlem or new Israel. Islam knows this. Why do you think they call the USA the great satan? Although it is deeper than that.
Added on 24 Jan 2015:  Some time this year. The USA may have to endure yet another discipline from GOD. As was done in 2001 and 2008. If the USA is allowed to survive intact.
Then this 2026? war footing may be possible. The defenselessness of the USA is astounding. That even a country like North Korea can put the entire USA back into the 1800's. So can Russia. So can China. What is worse is that President made a generalized comment that the DD of the USA even knows it. Even though the vast majority of the civilian population is completely unaware. Better go find that comment.
I may have written this before. The USA in order to save a ton of money. Is to reinvigorate their old hulls that are deemed mothballed. Just as President Putin is doing with his old USSR Cold War ships.  In a short period of time. The USA can have as many as 19 fully modified Aircraft carriers. One old aircraft carrier can be converted into a drone carrier. A drone carrier which can house maybe 1000+ armed drones. That's the future.
An A10 Thunderbolt 3 warthog aircraft carrier. The hog is a dead plane that just keeps on surviving through cannibalism and capitalism. So an entire new plane will have to be re-engineered. With all of the on going cannibalism that has been going on. They know what fails. Just by re-engineering those parts to be more hardened. The plane will be improved. The plane does need more improved (Power and speed) and efficient engines. Newly re-engineered landing gear for aircraft carrier use if possible. Ground and pound at its best. This type of aircraft carrier as well as the drone aircraft carrier will have substantially more defensive capabilities for survivability. Such as under the flight deck missile launchers of various strategic and tactical capabilities. I would bet you could put at least 100 cruise missile launch tubes on each side of the ship. Then reload from inside of the ship. Without any physical exposure. The USA may need a new modernized cruise missile. Can you say hypersonic and they must be 2000+ mile range.
The A10 Aircraft carrier would come close to shore. Once air superiority has been assured. Ground troops and special forces are going into play. The A10's would come in for close in support. Plus cruise missile backup.
Added on 24 Jan 2015: Aircraft carrier/ missile battleship.
China, Russia and North Korea already know that to defeat the overwhelming military threat of the USA is to neutralize their Aircraft carriers. Which is why those countries have developed new supersonic and hyper sonic anti-aircraft carrier missile systems.  Which is why the old retired and mothballed American aircraft carriers are essential to a future battle. By utilizing the apparent empty space underneath their flight decks for a variety of offensive and defensive weapons platforms.
I do believe there are currently 4 retired and mothballed aircraft carriers as well as those which have been transformed into museum relics. These can be dry docked and re-engineered and modernized. It would only take a hand full of years.
Then by changing the official designation of these old and stricken aircraft carriers into a new warship category. It will not affect the federal law of maintaining ten aircraft carriers. I think that is key. Creating a new class of warship which meets the needs of future combat and neutralizing the inherent weakness of those thin skinned hulls of the new class of warships.
==Poor or Unknown Reliability==
Added on 16 May 2018:
Just as the US Navy been dealt with another embarrassment of their Ford Class Aircraft Carriers. The Chinese navy launched their own home built Aircraft Carrier.
NOTE: I use copy and paste for your security. What you see is what you get.
I wrote a reply to the National Interest(NI) story and they deleted it or the story was closed to comment after a month. Typically NI usually deletes me and/or bans me. Without explanation. Go figure. I think I get too close to secret stuff.
The Ford Class Aircraft carrier must go back into dock for major repairs. Apparently some official Navy Brass people say it was suppose to work and every knows it doesn't. Who is lying? The USA has an Aircraft carrier which cannot fight. But, to the US Navy's credit. The Ford is not supposed to be ready until 2020. So the Ford is a plane launching cruise ship. Yea, I'm being insulting. I'm sorry.
The question from NI was "Are US aircraft carriers obsolete? The answer is yes. But why? It is because the definition of what an aircraft carrier is has not evolved. It is much like the naval battleship is it obsolete? The answer is yes. But why? Because those who are in charge of naval things refused to redefine what a post WW2 battleship should be and can be.
The next generation of aircraft carriers from the USA should be a merging of a multipurpose missile cruiser and an aircraft carrier. The next generation of aircraft carriers must be able to defend itself from thousands drones coming in from a variety of vectors.
The aircraft carrier must be able to conduct 3 waves of attacks. #1 suicidal drones of attrition with and without their own cruise missiles @500 units. #2 cruise missile launches @600 units,  #3 Plane attacks while still maintaining 75 units.
I'm troubled by the smallness of the beam at the water line at 134 feet. It seems to narrow especially if you add all of the new weapons and Radar capabilities and another new a1b. Add another 21 foot 30 ton screw to a new width.
Fighter plane problems means restarting new costly productions lines and reengineering of the F22, F/A18, F16, F15 all with the new PW F135 engines used in the F35. Then selling the new planes to friends. Do not sell anything to Turkey or India.
The US has not planned for the defense of their Aircraft carriers. This is easily seen in the new definition of what a frigate and missile cruisers are today. The USA is absent of frigates and Cruisers are set to retire soon. The American Destroyers are basically large old frigates as defined by the French. The cruisers are now mini cruisers as the Russians set the new definition with their Kirov Class Battlecruiser. Don't get me wrong the US military will and can still kick your teeth in. But, all of the equipment is getting old and worn out. With nary a replacement. The Chinese are building for war and so are the Russians. The Russians are going a step further with plans for invasion of Alaska and portions of western canada. Maybe even down into Washington state.
So USA war in 2026? Maybe maybe not. Everyone should negotiate for peace and friendship. Nations should practice the purple words below. But, they are not everyone who can build their war machines are doing so. I do think war is in the future as well as the extinction of the human species. Will it happen in 2026? The date does not matter. What matters is that every nation is building for war and not building for peace. There is a difference.
Here is a modern day battleship. Off the shelf products and A1B's. It is doable although all RADAR power outputs must be more than doubled.
Go and sin no more.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
All without any pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy and entitlements.
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