Thursday, December 25, 2014

Apocalypse Ends Prophecy: (Unedited): 25 Dec 2014:

All of the apocalyptic prophecies spoken by all of those ancient and modern day Holy people can all come to an instant end. The apocalyptic prophecies do not have to be feared in any way. Mankind who are presently alive and those who shall be born. Do not have to live their lives expectant who global doom and extinction to come on that unknown but certain day to come.

The Catholics and Christians all have their End of days prophecies. The Muslim/Islamic traditions also have their own end time prophecies. The Native American traditions such as the Hopi all have their end of the age prophecies. It seems that every other culture also has their prophecies of doom which is to come in those days of great human darkness.

All of those prophecies seem to be clear in their messages to their perspective children of the future. The children of humanities future become inhumane, sinful, hateful, war mongering and apathetic to all things. So the divine GOD of those ancient Holy Texts is going to destroy this Earth with UN-quenching fire. Only those who are the selected remnant shall survive. The big question is. How do you define remnant? Could a remnant be as small as genetic material? If the remnant actually is genetic material. Then the rapture(s) become something completely different as currently interpreted. If we as a global family of humanity cannot return to a righteous and holy living as instructed by the author of the ancient Holy Texts. Then we shall all perish in hell fire. So to shall of those government types who have made their own self defined survival bunkers of COG (Continuation of Government) at the expense of their unimportant civilian populations. Those shall be their oven graves of ashen death.
The basic message is clear from all of the writings of those ancient Holy Texts. By freely choosing to abide by those laws, rules and lessons taught to all of us within those books. All of the apocalyptic prophecies ever spoken or written down will be instantly averted. Here is the simple list. Which is also a logical mathematical formula.

To Love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in harmony.
To honor and cherish all life.
To freely choose to live in accordance of the laws and rules of God.
To become righteous and holy in the eyes of GOD.

That is it. It is that simple. This is how we each end the coming apocalyptic nightmare to come-instantly. By rejecting to take up any arms/weapons against anyone. By refusing to march into war.
What it means to freely choose. Without fear and without threat. We each must choose. Not because we have to but because we want to. Because, living in those blue words above is the right and correct choice to make.
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