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LGBT Mainstream: (Unedited): 14 Dec 2014:

LGBT Prophecies and goings on. For the next few decades.
LGBT shall be victorious.
The whole of the American Media which includes religious programming is owned by those who are associated with or in agreement with the LGBT community. It is beginning to appear that the LGBT community has made significant in roads into every culture which includes the religious community. There has not been any back lash against any LGBT product related advertiser. There has not been any ridicule to any LGBT use of obvious LGBT persons in public places, entertainment or in politics. LGBT acceptance by the general population seems to have become wholly accepted within the USA as a fundamental right. Even though being LGBT was once a psychological disorder and is now not one. Because, of a professional agreement.

Over time and happening right now. Persons who are associated with the LGBT community will attain levels of authority, prominence, leadership and management. This is actually occurring as it is only now something new to my awareness. LGBT actors and other media persons will continue to be seen by the civilian populations as something not harmful, sin like or guilt ridden. The character's they portray will be likable and identifiable to the general viewer. Over time. The LGBT lifestyle will become an accepted choice for anyone.

The power of the LGBT community will become so powerful that they as a whole unified force will create new laws which will effectively take away any religious persons fundamental freedom of free speech. Politicians and judges at every level will do their duties for the specific benefit of the LGBT community. Some or many will proclaim that they are openly gay. When pastors and other persons teach the Holy Bible and go to jail for hate speech. The Holy Bible over time shall be outlawed and publicly unaccepted. Then everyone shall know a very real fundamental change has occurred and they will not care. A change in which the LGBT community shall be in rule over. The Christian faith shall be transformed into an all accepting and a non-sinning religion. By Law.

I believe one of the new changes in media entertainment. Is where fully clothed persons perform fully clothed sex acts in the guise of a welcoming embrace, fun dancing or any other non sexually defined ways. These types of things shall most likely be displayed once a show has been on for multiple seasons. After the actors or characters have become accepted. Those who know nothing of gay sex may not even be aware that a gay embrace has even occurred.

The LGBT community will proudly begin to wear their wedding bands on their right fingers. Even actors and other people of fame and fortune. Some will even have or wear two wedding rings. This purpose may yet to be acceptably defined by agreement. But, I suspect some will wear them for support of the LGBT lifestyle. While others will wear them for multiple marriages or multiple significant partners. One for the same sex and one for a different sex.
Once the constraints of traditional Christian marriage has been culturally and legally abolished. Humanity can begin their de-evolution-ary decline back to their base animalistic  instincts and traits. When this occurs human stagnancy occurs and in the natural world. Nothing survives which becomes stagnant. So, to conclude. The human extinction process begins. Before the extinction process can officially begin. The belief in anything spiritual must cease and it matters not the truth of it all. The concept of anything spiritual must become unknown, unspoken and un-thought of. Even other words such as personal growth and personal development must cease in any sort of conceptualization. The word evolution must also end as well as even conceived thought. Ascending to any state higher than the animalistic base human must not even be desired.


Some time soon. The LGBT community shall even have much pride in their power over the now former USA. In which even the flag of the USA shall become like a rainbow where the red and white stripes should have been. 
The LGBT community shall even develop their own black shirt or brown shirt paramilitary organization. In which their shirt color shall be different, maybe a bright *green or earth *green. They will have the legal and lawful protection of the US government. They shall go forth and cause great "*harm" to those who are deemed Christian/*Jew. They will do more than the history of the brown and black shirts. They will have a build up of atrocities across the USA, Canada and Europe. They will start small with simple demonstrations and then become a very powerful force. This is not an all at once thing. The LGBT community will have to grow this force into one. Most likely seeking military training for those who are the gay leaders.
Just as in the past gays were searched for. Gays were beaten and killed. So to shall the christian and Christian families. Except now since the whole of the media is now in favor of the LGBT community. There will be no news of any atrocities perpetuated against the Christian. Since Judges and politicians hold offices at every level who are in favor of the LGBT community. Crimes against Christians will become a non-crime. Crimes which are unreported and not investigated by anyone.
The twist in news media reporting. Anywhere that a Christian who has successfully protected themselves from any kind of an attack. They will be the ones who are arrested, condemned and convicted of crimes. While the *Christian is in Jail. Their abuse, torture and death shall become on going. 

"*Green". This is a human choice which is to be determined. The color green is unimportant where as an LGBT paramilitary unit which is formed is important. The colors they wear is insignificant to the deeds they do.
"*harm". Means all aspects of physical harm which shall include rapes and death or all of the above. For instance. The burning down of churches of hate will include those righteous souls trapped within. There will be no news and no legal recourse.
"*Jew". In this instance. The term Jew shall be those devout and holy Christians who actually live their lives in strict accordance to Elohim Yahweh. Which is the same remnant sized group of people who live in the Country New Israel. These new Jews will be both raptured and not. Which shall only be defined by Their God. For which ever reason as associated with God. This group being raptured or not may have nothing to do with discipline to them by God. It may be just the will of GOD to teach those evil ones lessons as only ascertained by GOD. There shall be a purpose to those Jews left behind. In which "left behind" is not a correct phrase. They will be the protected ones who walk. Their protection shall be so encompassing that not even Satan or any other former angel shall even harm a single hair on their heads.
"*Christian". Those who are actually left behind. For disciplinary reasons. These kinds of Christians would be those who are LGBT, Social, Entertainment, Business, Pastors for worldly profit. These are not the faithful Christians. These kinds of Christians do nothing for anyone. A practicing LGBT person or any person who is in agreement with any aspect of the LGBT community is not a Christian. Any person who goes to church simply to socialize. While at the same time has no evidence outside of the church that they are even Christian. Those entertainers within the church who only entertain without any real evidence that they are Christian outside of the Church. The business Christian is a person who only attends the largest of churches just to accumulate more business. While within their business structure has no bearing on Christian morality, beliefs, Honor or honesty. All expression of love, mercy and compassion is absent from their business.
The pastors for worldly profit are those pastors who only accumulate wealth for themselves. While showing only the minimal amount of Christian duty/works in order to barely prove they are faithful. For instance. A food pantry which may be only open for a few days a week and will only give you food once every few months or more. A church with no scholarship program. Education is what changes financial status indefinitely. While feeding a person for a day only does that one good thing for the day.
The whole of Christianity has become a people who do nothing and refuse to live as their God has intended. The Christian has sat by and watched all of these things occur. The only option for the Christian shall be the second coming or a civil war. Time has gone by so far. That even a civil war shall fail. As the Christian shall be attacked when they are isolated within their own homes.  Divide and conquer.
Pentatonics. Two members of this group are actively promoting the LGBT community as well as openly gay. They released two CD's and had airtime on Christian radio stations. One CD was titled "PTXmas". A title which dismisses Christ and promotes self. .
This is prophecy in which all of Christianity loses in the modern world system. 
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