Sunday, January 11, 2015

China Readers: (Unedited): 11 Jan 2015:

Welcome back Chinese Readers

Any positive and peaceful change within the world begins first within your own hearts and then your mind. Then followed through with peaceful action or even peaceful inaction.
It is very interesting with this thought process and how the heart seems to lead the mind. When everything within the world is about the teaching and training of the logical side of half of the human brain. Thus negating the emotional half and the heart of every human being. Then there is the human spirit which seems to be denied and rejected. All of them together including that which is not mentioned is all a part of your complete humanity. To deny or reject any of your parts only diminishes your humanity. Making you less than human and equal to all other animals. 
Your Chinese leaders are being disciplined for improper attitudes. (To express myself lightly). This is a necessary process which should fail. If the hearts and spirits of those individuals in positions of leadership are not changed from within. Simply from their own internal reasoning that the realization of their actions were wrong. This fundamental change cannot happen through any sort of discipline. The correct change must come from the heart of any human being. If it does not. Then the bad heart will simply hide itself better. The bad heart can also quickly change by simply becoming connected to it's own spirit being within. 
This process of change is essential and will take any person out of their own animalistic natures/desires and into those higher and more evolved thinking processes. 

Any animal wants what they want or can get in the now. Animals are opportunistic and this is necessary for their own survival. The basic human being is just an animal and if we keep and maintain all of those base animalistic tendencies. Then there is no evolution, growth or development. Think about this, a dog is a dog today as a dog was what it was a thousand years ago. The same with a cat or a horse or even a cow. They are all the same as they were a long time ago. A human being on the other hand is an animal which seems to continually evolve from one generation to the next. Granted a very little tiny bit at a time. But, can be easily seen from just one hundred years ago or even a thousand years ago. We can even see where humanity does not seem to have evolved much  in those very secretive and hidden societies.
Those secretive and hidden societies should be protected by those who have the power to do so without any interference. Which is something that the French, Spanish, English and the Americans had not done. Those societies were defenseless in every regard and suffered greatly. Some or many have become extinct. Their ancient languages and histories lost forever.
This is respect. Even if they are not of your living standards, thought processes or belief systems.
The fundamental truth of peace is not something which can be negotiated or agreed upon. A chaotic society cannot correct their planetary damage through financial resources. Any life created from a sterile genetics laboratory assembly line only makes biological machines to be controlled and enslaved.
Peace comes from Love. Harmony comes from Love. Life comes from Love. 
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