Friday, January 23, 2015

Gay Outlaw: (Unedited): 23 Jan 2015:

A gay judge who convicts another gay person for being gay is a conviction upon himself/herself. Just as a gay politician who creates laws which are against the gay person. He to is outlawing himself/herself. 
 So, gay judges and gay politicians must be absolutely against any righteous or holy person from any religious tradition. Any religious tradition which has predetermined that 1)man/2)woman who love other 1)man/2)woman in a sinful manor is destined to be Judged by God unfavorably.
This is prophecy repeated. Look to other blogs I've written.
The political agenda for the Gay rights is to put into place and they already have. Those gay leaders who will promote the gay lifestyle as a fundamental right and freedom. But, it won't stop there. Christians will absolutely lose their freedom of speech and lose their freedom to teach anything which is anti gay hate speech, by LAW. Right now it is already a truth. Preachers will not teach anything which is ant-gay out of pure fear.  Because, These celebrated gay folk would only be the beginning and then there would be an evolution within the gay terrorist community. Just watch the 32 seconds. Nobody does anything except to pick up the papers.
So out of fear. American Pastors refuse to preach the whole word of God. Out of their fearful actions. The gay protestors are more fearful than God. This is truth. Just as the people of David suffered under this one sin of doing a census. So to will the people of your church suffer from your omission. Including your own family. Your children will not be excluded from the wrath of God or the attentions of satan.

If your church does not teach the whole Holy Bible then your church will become one of those which are to be disciplined in the book of revelation.
If you are attending a church which is not vocal against the gay community. Then you should leave that church and find one which teaches and preaches the  whole Holy Bible and the Ten Commandments. 
Like I said this is prophecy and all that which is good, righteous and holy on planet earth loses to satan and his control over the whole worldly system. So what you are seeing right now is just part of the process of losing. This is already 2015. 7 years after 2008 and 14 years 2001. The question is what was significant national sin of 1994? Which would be 21 years ago. The dates are symbolic to their well known discipline. Which is a response to national sin a short time previous to the event.
In Christian prophecy. All of those who are righteous and holy in the eyes of God/Allah. Shall lose to the world system. Look at Islam right now. Are the righteous and holy ones winning or losing in the eyes of Allah? They are losing and shall continue to lose. Look at all of Christianity.Are the Christians winning or losing in the eyes of God? They are losing and shall continue to lose. Until, such a time comes. That those who remain holy and righteous are starved, tortured, abused, beaten and murdered. Just as the Christ Jesus was done. You better hope and pray there is a real rapture for the pre tribulation.
Added on 24 Jan 2015:
It is nearly automatic knowledge. That Christianity should not be acceptable or even tolerating to any gay rights or freedoms. So when the news comes out with two gay men who are married who want to send their children to a private christian school. Why would they do that? Just to receive an official rejection letter and then send their sad story to a reporter. Then follow up with law suits. See the happy family photo. Photo's can lie. Notice the head line. "Kids-rejected". Every Christian related organization, company, church, school will be attacked and litigated out of existence. Those who will not comply will go to jail for hate crimes and crimes against humanity.  This is the coming future for all Christians in the USA and the world. It will get worse. All because the Christian has refused to take responsible action for their God given country and now it shall be taken away. Where shall the Christian go? There is no where to go. You will be forced to take the mark or die. This is prophecy.
Added on 31 Jan 2015: Even Gay leaders within the church. The prince of the power of air is in full charge and control of churches. Not all churches but those who offer any acceptance of any homosexual or any other person in willful sin as defined with in the Holy Bible. ===========================
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