Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Whole Earth Followed: (Unedited): 21 Jan 2015:

Incomplete. Work in progress.

The book of Revelation is about Revelation of prophecy, Revelation of admonishment and Revelation of Truth.

The book of Revelation in the Holy Bible. Is very fearful to read as well as those other books which seem to be prophetically related to the Revelations.
In the thirteenth chapter and verse 3 of the book of revelation.

I saw one of his heads as if it had been [b]slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast;

And the whole earth followed after the beast. This must include every Christian, Muslim, Athiest, gay and every other sort of human being.  How can this happen in the state of the world we live in today? It cannot and it will not. It seems everyone is opposed and against one another.  Each group of people must have their individual belief system altered or changed by their own free choice. Future events must happen in order for every human being to freely give up their faith, non-faith or heathenistic lifestyles. This includes people within every political system with different approaches of control, leadership and management. 

So what must happen. The beast can be easily seen. larger than life under the waters. If the knowing person just looks carefully. I've written about this system  before. I think it is the the new political system which merges Capitalism and communism. Right now, there are two forms of it. The American approach of Capitalistic Communism and the Chinese approach of the Communistic Capitalism. The Russian are figuring it out, but at this time seem to be faltering. So to shall the American form as the USA should fall and in doing so. Gives rise to the world authority. 

So what actually causes the whole earth to follow the beast while forsaken their God? The revelation of truth. The revelation of truth which has been told to every human being for thousands of years. False teachings believed as truths, throughout every religion. A god like entity which even causes atheists to become faithful. 
For instance the American Christian which has been absent from witnessing any true miracles. may not see any miracle of the coming rapture. Will that be enough to sway the beliefs of those Christians who stake their lives upon the rapture? Only to live and die because they refused to take those active righteous actions in their lives and allowed their own God given country to be taken by organized heathen minorities. Why would God save you through a rapture when you the American Christian have allowed your country to have become transformed into something hated and evil. The American Christian were warned not to become deceived and they have. The American Christian have become a group of people which are indistinguishable from non believers. A believer cannot live their life as the non-believers do and still expect life saving miracles. It's just not going to happen. Especially, when you study every death in the Holy Bible. I charge you to do this. Study all of the deaths in the Holy Bible. How and why they occurred. Only 8 adults survived the flood. No children or those who we would understand as innocent. Because of King Davids sin. God killed 70,000 through a judgement. Just to teach King David a lesson. There are many many more. Look how Jesus died and all of the apostles. How is it that you the American Christian who statistically is similar to  every sort of heathen is going to be saved? Maybe, saved in spirit but not in physical life. Which shall all be Judged By God. All those who shall be saved will be done so by their Heavenly father.Do not get me wrong. I am not questioning God and His actions. I am just merely stating the history.
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