Sunday, January 18, 2015

Was Will Exists: (Unedited): 18 Jan 2015:

Everything that is, was and will come. all exists in the here and now.
All that we know exists in the here and now. Even all that we knew and experienced. Were in the here and now in that moment of time. Just as all that we will know and experience will also be in the here and now.
Each of us are biological time machines. At least in the past. We can relive the moments in our past. Some who have even suffered great harm can somehow even become do immersed into the memory (PTSD) that they remain in that time.
Those very special people who can visualize their own futures. Can even fantasize everything they are about to create for themselves. Thus, working diligently towards their dreams and goals. Until, such a time that all of there mental efforts are manifested in a future here and now.
So what is the key to time travel. Ceaseless focus upon one intention. Until, your where you desire to be. 
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