Sunday, January 18, 2015

Effects of abuse: (Unedited): 19 Feb 2014:

The children and adults who were in the foster care system. Do, have a life of trials ahead of them. It is not so easy to escape the abuses and tortures of their past. Psychologically there can be healing, growth and evolution within each person. Thus, becoming a more profound human being than if they had been raised in a normal family. (Please do not look deeper into that comment). This type of person is rare.

A person who has been so abused and tortured by their own blood family and yet by some kind of focused determination. They become positively more than they themselves ever even thought was possible or plausible for themselves.

The old physical wounds of the past may even begin to show their ugly heads int the future present. Thus, becomes a new fight for their resolve and character. Even if the physical fight may be lost. There will still be much to learn and much to teach.

For myself. I have endured much physical trauma to my brain as a child. I have left trucking because of those lingering effects in which I could no longer manage safely. Especially when driving an 80,000 pound vehicle. So, today, I am no longer a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) holder.

An event occurred the other day in which is having an impact upon my being.


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