Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tested Faith Journey: (Unedited): 24 Jan 2015:

Faith is always tested in your uncertainty as you continue forward on your journey.
Faith is like honor or your reputation. They can not be made until you act in their regard. You cannot have honor until you act honorably and have a history of honorable actions. Your reputation is always being made whether you want it to or not. So your reputation will either be good, bad or questionable. So your faith grows as you walk forth on an uncertain journey in which the out come is clouded from your logical reason.
Building meaningful honor and  a noble reputation takes an entire lifetime. You can lose it all in just one moment of time.
This journey that you are on in this life of yours. You really need to ascertain all of the qualities of those lessons you are learning and living. This is very important, to judge your own life. What is it that you are doing? Is it worthwhile? Is it meaningful? Is it important in the grand scheme of things? Does it positively enhance your reputation? Does it solidify your honor? Are you sober? Do you have a sober history? Have your decisions been made based in righteous reason? 
Questioning your own life then effecting those very necessary changes to become a better human being. Isn't that what everyone wants to be or to become? A better human being.
I do find it interesting how everyone seems to want the world to change for the better. But, the vast majority of the world doesn't want to even change their core being. People do not want change or even to change themselves.
No one seems to understand that how you live your life and how responsible you are for your own life. Is absolutely manifested into the very personal world you live in. You life and how you live will translate into your families world and into your friends world. Which translate into their families world and into their other friends world. Thus eventually affecting or infecting the whole of the world. This is exactly how one person changes everything. Like Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa. Be that soul change for yourself. Which may manifest soul change in your family, your friends, your world and in the whole of the Earth. You can and you can be.
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