Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Becoming Archeology: (Unedited): 26 Jan 2015:

Any society which values their greatness and comfort more than righteousness, wisdom and humility. Will become the next archeological dig for those who follow after. 
This is prophecy:
Think about today's age of modern man.  It seems that mankind has forgotten the importance of love, peace, harmony and life. Where creature comforts are more valued than another persons well being. Where the freedom to sin with the blessing of human laws is of paramount importance. From these human laws which ease any sort of guilt from breaking any of the spiritual laws for the governance and maintaining of life.
The world wide abuses of women and children. The continued enslavement of selected peoples. The seemingly never ending wars and atrocities affiliated with battles. The extermination of certain groups of people considered undesirable or just rejected.
Just by this and many other measures. The human species may become judged as a race of beings not deserving to be allowed for advancement. We will be allowed to exterminate ourselves. By the will of God. Every nation shall become the enemy of one another. Not because they have any real choice but from the will of God to take away even their awareness of free choice. Man shall rise up against man. Again, this will involve no awareness of any free choice as these things shall come after humanity has been judged.
For instance. Mr. President Putin is preparing for war. There will be no peace from the west with President Putin. Mr. President Putin has no choice and no free will. He will go to war. He will strike first. Mr. President Putin is already very intimate with how to send the USA back to the 1800's.
Mr. general secretary Xi Jinping is also another leader who has no awareness that he has no free will in regards to world war. Mr. general secretary Xi Jinping and the rest of China is actively preparing for war with the west. Mr. general secretary Xi Jinping only sees the future of China in a constant state of war. Mr. general secretary Xi Jinping isn't even aware that his beloved country of China will only be a trigger. As with any trigger there will be a cause. This cause will be in absolute control over the whole of China leading to it's destruction. The art of war used against China.
Even with all of the western leaders of the so called free world. They to are all or will become without the awareness of free will lost. They to will each go to war with one another. This also, includes the President of the USA. Who will most likely be the sacrificial sheep for the worlds journey into extinction. The total loss of the USA must precede the military growth of whatever is birthed from manufactured chaos. This new world order of things. Which brings everyone hope and everyone will love the new leader who brings the population of the world together as one. The oneness this first leader of the world brings to all of humanity is one total death.
Added on 02 Feb 2015: Japan:
Mr. Prime Minister will also fall victim to the unaware loss in free will. All will be lost for Japan. So to the entire population. To avert total extinction. You must truthfully humble yourself as well as the whole of the Japanese people. They must seek out forgiveness and publicly admit all of their evil deeds. With this humble truth. A new era shall begin for the Japanese people. I still think there is much hope for the Japanese people, but only after humble truth. Make amends with all of your brothers and sisters. Start building those domed cities I've seen. I've seen one in China (NE, Mongolia and Russia), Texas (Gulf of Mexico) and Minnesota (W90 or between lakes). Not sure if each were certainties or singular possible outcomes.  Seek not to expand your war machine. Allow China to know that your not a threat. Brothers should not be threats to one another. Look to space as well as multiple places on Earth to offset possible Japanese extinction.
Those domed cities are about 25 miles wide.
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