Thursday, January 29, 2015

Confused Lady: Self Respect: Absolute Freedom Cost: (Unedited): 29 Jan 2015:

The woman who wants to be treated like an respectable lady and yet wears the costume of a prostitute or of loose women. Is a confused female. 
 I just don't think you can have it both ways. Yet still want everyone to treat you with respect and honor. When you are a woman who dresses like a prostitute and/or a loose woman. Everyone who simply sees you. Will automatically see you in a less then equal light. They will see you as a damaged person or an unworthy person.
Self Respect: (Unedited): 29 Jan 2015:
Respect and honor of self. Begins with the decisions you make for yourself. 
Just as you cannot love others until you love yourself. So it is with respect and honor. If you do not have any self respect. How can you respect others? If you have no honor of self. How can you honor others? You cannot and most likely will not, especially when it costs you discomfort or inconvenience. 
Absolute Freedom Cost: (Unedited): 29 Jan 2015:
The unspoken cost of absolute freedom is your self honor and self respect.
What is the other costs of absolute freedom in an insane world. Crime. Lawlessness. End of civilization. Of course none of this will happen in the now. Over time. Civilization will crumble and fall. Such as the USA which has gone from a of the people and for the people to of the corporation and for the corporation. Politicians have become a pay to play representative of the corporate governmental system. All of this began with President Ronald Reagan. In any new grand thing. There is always infancy and then growth and then evolution. I think the USA is still in the growth phase of their Corporate form of state government and federal government. At this time I'm not sure how it fits into the Capitalistic form communism which seems to have been formed. Maybe, the Corporatism rulers will see themselves as the communistic rulers of the worlds capitalistic markets. This all is way above my head. Where as in China and their communistic form of communism has given rise to their super elite. Which at this time seems to have minimal powers. This is the infancy stage for China. As for Russia and their form of Communistic capitalism. I got nothing at this time. It seems to be a failure. Having all of their assets in oil. Is not wise even to an uneducated person as me. I knew and understood this when I was a child. Plus, to top it all off is President Putins pride. Which started the economic fall of HIS Russia.
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