Sunday, February 1, 2015

Deep Mountain Fortress Penetrator Vision: (Unedited): 01 Feb 2015:

From orbit I see an unknown thing. Something which I cannot conceive. Out of it comes forth a long object with fire. Within seconds it disappears into the atmosphere as a streak of fire. I look upon a screen which is tracking the object. I notice the speed which is told to me as faster than anything known to humanity. In another few seconds. Impact is made and can be seen from orbit. Great fire and smoke erupts.
Then a launch of these super fast rockets is targeted upon a great dormant caldera of earth. A dozen for the super volcano. Soon the whole of the earth is covered in clouds.
This is what I didn't see. But knew.

This was obviously a rocket of some kind. Which continued to burn on it's downward decent. At a predetermined altitude. A projectile was fired through the heat shielded nose cone. I seem to instantly know that it was some kind of EM rail gun. Which fired it's very heavy projectile into the target. Thus, causing a great release of destructive energy.
This was followed by the rocket itself. In which inside of it was a deep penetrator nuclear weapon. Designed to destroy Deep underground bunkers.
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