Thursday, February 5, 2015

Worthless Nothing: Emotional Murder: (Unedited): 04 Feb 2015:

The nothingness that YOU think you do. Is that all important lie that YOU have applied to that thing. Maintaining that worthless decision of YOURS. Will eventually cause you to believe that YOU to are a worthless nothing. Always, seek the meaningful truth in all that YOU do. 
I have witnessed many people belittle themselves and anything that they choose to do in life. Forgetting that we have evolved into beings which do need meaning and purpose. For some being a janitor, a trash collector or a lowly construction helper is a fundamental source of their own inner self esteem and self confidence. While I have seen others who have that college degree or two and find little which is of any importance. But, I can say the same for many janitors, Trash collectors or even the lowly construction helper. Who fail to see that they are of any importance or that their duties is of any necessity.
I have also seen those incredibly intelligent people. Typically those who are not to be embarrassed with a MENSA card in their wallet. In other words. They do not belong to Mensa and consider that beneath them. Yea, a lot of pride for them. Who have dedicated their lives in those unspoken subjects and details. You know those things which everyone thinks they want to know which is so incredibly important to all of humanity. Fall victim to near absolute uselessness. Really. They lose their families and drown themselves within the drink of forgetfulness.
So how can all of these different kinds of people with many different kinds of backgrounds. Find themselves in a nothing job. While others thrive in a job of importance. There can be a variety of causes and events in any persons life.
I think what it boils down to is this. YOU have decided that your job is worthless and means nothing. It's your decision based in your own emotional negativity. Which has brought you to the state you are in now.
It is that simple and it doesn't really matter how or why you got to this point in your life. Maybe, You were to Kool for School. Maybe, you just failed at everything. Maybe, the party life was to important. Maybe, your parents beat you and told you bad and sad things. All of that Brave Sierra doesn't matter in this here and now. What matters is your current state of negativity. The dark depths of your darkened depression of darkness. Yea yuck.

So what happens if the janitors of the world stopped cleaning? What happens if the trash collectors stopped picking up everyone's trash? What happens if all of the greasy mechanics stopped fixing your broken things? It is only then you see the importance.
But, you say I have sheep skin with my name on it on my wall. That is your accomplishment and now you feel like a trapped cat in some hopeless corner of the business world. You have to ask yourself. Really? While the majority of people like what they do and who they work for. YOU on the other hand think it all sucks. Can't you see it's all about you. You are the problem. But, But. Suzy says she hates it to. Is Suzy one of those friends with everyone kind of people who agrees with everything? Probably. People will agree to agree so that you don't feel so isolated and alone or to make you feel better. That is just basic nice people human nature. To console and to relate and to offer hope.

What do you do. Take time to think about yourself and your actions of recent times. Have you been on the wrong side of the donkey in the room with nice people? Do you even care? Which is the big question. Because, if you just don't care then nothing you do in life will ever cause you any kind of happiness or peace. You have to care. Not caring about a thing or anything is not self preservation of your emotional state. Not caring is the murder of your emotional state in order to protect your emotional state. Read it again.
Emotional Murder: (Unedited): 05 Feb 2015:
Not caring (Apathy) is the murder of your emotional state in order to protect your emotional state.
If you don't care about your job. You will never be satisfied with your job. You may not realize this. But, everyone is empathic to a degree. So when you walk around with apathy. Everyone will know it and become emotionally harmed by your apathy. Do you care about others or even want to care about others? Even while most good people will care about you.
Yes, You may have been filled with apathy for a very long time. It is possible for you to regain your own full humanity. Although, it does mean you will have to go out of your way for others. In the beginning you will be annoyed and bothered. But, after seeing smiles and gratitude. You will slowly get your humanity back. If you smoke. Be sure to quit smoking as tobacco takes away your ability to care.
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