Thursday, February 5, 2015

Prophets Mentors Words: Promises Repentance: (Unedited): 04 Feb 2015:

Prophecies of the world made by reputable prophets and mentors. Should be heeded and be of greater importance than the words of any leader. The words of the prophets and mentors are all inclusive. Their words are not to remain solely within their culture, nationality or  religion. 
God does speak to anyone from any religion for His own purposes and reasons. Which may even be beyond the intellectual capability of any human being. Just look at the Bible codes. Which is a current on going activity that the world refuses to report on other than ridicule and to bring forth false facts.
I think that God/Allah will give his chosen and selected person/people words of prophecy. It doesn't matter if they are pagan, atheist or belonging to the religion of your enemies.  
Although, the words of the prophet or mentor. Will need to be tested. As should everything else which is deemed spiritual in nature.
The prophets shall come after the people or leaders have fallen to mass sin. Where as the mentor is that person who comes  before any righteous or sinful decisions have been made. They are both equally important. Both offers hope. One of repentance and the other of promises.  
The final result is the benefit of and for all of humanity. The prophet will proclaim what is gonna happen because of what it is you are doing and have done. While the mentor says if you do these good things. Good things will result and if you continue to do as you do. Then you will experience those logical outcomes/consequences.
Here is the best logical formula that my very limited mind can perceive. It is about life and death. It is how you cannot mix the two for any benefit for humanity.

Life = Love + Peace + Harmony

Death = Hate + Conflict/War + Chaos

 If you mix any of the two together. The the eventual final outcome shall be death or extinction at a variety of levels and duration of time. Extinction does not have to be instant. Extinction does not have to be of the whole and total. Extinction can involve a family, a culture, a religion, a nation or the whole of the planet.
The first logical question to ask. Does the prophet or mentor promote life or death with their words and actions? It is either or.
Promises Repentance: (Unedited): 05 Feb 2015: 
The mentor brings the choice of many promises while the prophets bring an optional repentance.
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