Sunday, February 8, 2015

Faithful Tests: (Unedited): 08 Feb 2015:

The beginning of the tests for the faithful is their willing choice to be faithful without any human religious authority over them. The return to God has begun.
The falling away of the Countries, Churches and of people has already begun. The falling away will happen on a daily basis. Leaving the devoutly faithful abandoned and alone within the world. Those who are brave enough will freely choose to walk away from all that they have known and into the arms of God. They each will willingly and by free choice maintain their righteousness and holiness. The separation from the world and the rejection of worldly things must happen by free choice. Which even includes disconnecting from everything which is worldly. Creating within yourself a constant and always "on" connection with God. With zero distractions.
What do I mean by disconnecting from the world? It is exactly as stated. To dissolve yourself of all worldly connections and only connect with  The Heavenly Father. Remember what Yeshua/Jesus told the rich man. To sell everything and follow me(Paraphrase).
This means no media content whatsoever. No internet. No Radio. No T.V..
No participation in any aspect with any of the worldly systems to come. Even if it means the death of you, your family and of your associations.
The rich young ruler. Keep the Commandments.
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