Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wicked Known: (Unedited): 09 Feb 2015:

Incomplete work
The wicked even in those respected persons within your churches shall be seen and known by their lack of understanding and wisdom of the ancient holy texts.Understanding and wisdom are those godly gifts from God to those who freely choose to live live their lives in righteousness.
The intellectually wicked may know much of their selected religion. But, they will lack wisdom and understanding from God.
Those wicked intellectuals of your faith may very well be revered and respected. They will hide behind their own lack of understanding and wisdom in those things which they have memorized. While questioning you in your own wisdom and understanding of those ancient holy texts.

The wicked and worldly intellectuals will hide their wealth and high society lifestyle from everyone. Even the preferred media  groups of the world. Shall not reveal one of their own. 
The fruits of the $40 million dollar righteous man. Will be known in the luxury of his living. While the man whom he preaches about was a homeless servant to all of humanity.
Is in reference to Joel Osteen.
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