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Divergent Confluence: Many Confluence: (Unedited): 28 Feb 2015:

Achieved confluence of unity cannot be disrupted by any outside divergent source. 
An outside force which promises much in the way of worldly profits and comforts. Almost will always take away from the achieved confluence of that which has become naturally beautiful and sacred.
The outside source will always see emptiness and desolation. The outside source does not have to have any victorious conclusion to cause a divergence of the achieved confluence. Just the mere idea, the plans, and the promises of a better life for all. Which shall become a slavers life of minimum wages. While the true owners reap all of the benefits and profits. While sucking the life and sanctity out of all they invade like a virus.  
Those who have achieved the confluence of unity. Must always be on guard and immediately deny all ideas and suggestions for any man made improvements to that which is already deemed spiritual and sacred. To even listen can cause contamination. To even consider can cause corruption. To even go through with those plans will separate you from that which is holy and wise.
Are you searching for something worthwhile to save? Something pure, natural and spiritual? Well, Here you are. These people seem to be already in year 3+ of their battle. 
Grand Canyon Escalade Confluence Partners LLC.
added on 05 March 2015: Foreign ownership with zero regard for history, traditions or for the identity of holy sites. It is only about money. PERIOD.
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Added on 09 March 2015: Just found this. Probably of no relation to the confluence dispute.
Added on 10 March 2015:Seems to be directly related to
Added on 11 March 2015 : Important timely news about politics of tribal nations.
Information on whom to comment to. This info is sourced from Save the Confluence. I do not know the accuracy of any information. So please be nice, respectful and polite.
Ya'ah'teeh (Hello) Everyone,
We hear that the Navajo Nation Council is waiting for a number to be placed on the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade bill. When the bill gets a number, there will be a five-day comment time.
Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and his chief of staff Deswood Tome, are fast-tracking the bill because of the upcoming president's election. The bill is an agreement about an idea for a project, which lacks funding and investors.
In addition, many local families, including grazing permit holders, have not been given proper notice and or have not signed off to give authorization to this project. The bill also ignores federal and tribal laws required of the project. This includes whether a mall, a tram is appropriate for the environment.
We ask for your help. Thank you!
Please contact your council delegate and recommend the council postpone the decision about the project until after the elections.
Council Delegate Contact List:
Lorenzo Bate 480-280-1423
Kee Allen Begay Jr. 928-380-6345
Mel R. Begay 928-380-5366
Norman M. Begay 928-286-7335
Nelson BeGaye 602-317-9732
Benjamin Bennett 928-380-2761
Nathaniel Brown 928-380-2273
Tom Chee 928-380-2756
Amber Crotty 928-286-7968
Seth Damon 928-380-0284
Davis Filfred 928-380-0425
Jonathan Hale 928-380-6057
Lee Jack, Sr. 928-380-1674
Jonathan Nez 928-277-6291
Jonathan Perry 928-380-2031
Leonard Pete 505-488-3834
Walter Phelps 505-906-1721
Alton Joe Shepherd 505-906-1613
Tuchoney Slim, Jr. 928-380-2246
Raymond Smith, Jr. 928-286-7325
Otto Tso 928-255-2912
Leonard Tsosie 928-814-7283
Dwight Witherspoon 505-906-1520
Edmund Yazzie 928-679-5398
Office of Legislative Services
P. O. Box 3390
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Main Phone: (928) 871-7254
Fax Number: (928) 871-6623
Added on 16 March 2015: About Life:

========================“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
Adolf Hitler
From the wisdom of evil people. It is easy to see their plans and their patience. 
If this project begins to falter and it may. There will be a call for an expansion for a Casino. Surely this will ensure the success and profitability of the project.
If this project becomes very lucrative, successful and populated. There will be a call for expansion  for the benefit of all of the people. Thus a casino will rise up out of the sacred ground. Guaranteeing the loss of the historical and ancestral spiritual connectedness.
Either way a win-win for the Grand canyon Escalade Confluence Partners LLC.
As of right now. I do see more than one gondola ride. Does this mean the entire project will go through an ever lasting expansion phase? A city will rise from this. An Airport.
As of right now. There is not enough support to stop this project. The Grand canyon Escalade Confluence Partners LLC. will win and will move forward. Unless, there is much support from all peoples, not just those from the Tribal community.
Many Confluence: (Unedited): 28 Feb 2015:
From the confluence of the two rivers. Which is made up of the confluence of many more waters. The racism which envelopes the tribal peoples must be abated.

Humanity was once a singular source and then became many. With deep understanding of those ancient wisdom's. Humanity can once again become a confluence of many into oneness.  The tribes and clans of mankind becoming as it once was - One humanity.
Added on 24 March 2015: Spiritual Connections.
Have you ever thought about how your ancient tribe or clan becomes forgotten? It is very easy and does require only a few generations. Which in the grand scheme of the totality of time. Is barely a quick blink. The importance of your families history is a crucial key to gaining wisdom and understanding which is beyond just knowing knowledge. Knowledge can lead to wisdom and wisdom to understanding. When ancient historical knowledge is something which is tangible not only to the physical senses but to those senses which are beyond the physical. The aha of wisdom and the amazing emotion of understanding is brightly gleaned. This is why ancient lands are crucial in the protection of any tribes/clans history. All of the lands upon this Earth, above and below the waters are sacred.  This sacredness and respect of it all is necessary for all of our starting points in life. You do have to know where you have begun in order to begin and continue your journey of free choice.
This is what is going to happen. Just as what is happening with those wealthy Native American tribes. Everyone knows they are Indians or the politically correct term of native Americans. In which neither description is a true description. That is all the people know. Maybe, they will know they are Seminoles of Florida. Then that may be the extent of that knowledge.
As each of those Native American tribes begin to chase the wealth of the world. They each will forget themselves in the hopes of bringing opportunities and jobs to their people. Which will of course happen but at the cost of self identity and a fracturing of their spiritual connectedness.
That is the cost. Your self identity, your tribes identity and the fracturing of your spiritual connectedness.
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