Saturday, February 28, 2015

Slave Escapism: (Unedited): 28 Feb 2015:

The modern day free slave can find their temporary escapism in the night life. 
How can a slave be free. Those who are the owners no longer have to own, trade or even sell human beings. The owners have even divested themselves of the care and maintenance of human beings. Thus, the owners have created a brand of slavery called free slaves. By keeping wages and benefits low enough that a human being can live just healthy enough to do the work for the owners at the highest possible profit for the owners.
Think about it. Any wage below the actual living wage for a particular area must be a slaves wage or would you prefer the term migrants wage. Either way the slave and migrant are perpetually trapped in their circumstance. 
All around the world people go out into the darkness after a long week of work. To enjoy themselves in their self defined idea of what the night life actually is. Then on Monday it is back to work all over again. But, for those who do not have wealthy family or family of any importance. Their work week may become work months or even work years. They never see a day off or a day of rest. By our modern standards they are free.?... really? They will work until they can no longer work. Then that person is discarded as useless and rejected by all of society. Death becomes their true goal for freedom. Look at Apple computers and their news of just a couple of years ago. Is there improvement? Maybe? Has their security practices been enhanced so that no unfavorable news gets out? absolutely.
Yet, in the USA. Americans do not care if their products are manufactured with slave/child labor practices. Yes, every American will declare the right answer, but with their pocket books and wallets Americans still vote in favor for slave labor and child labor. This is truth. Hard truth.
This is prophecy. You Americans will endure what it is you have paid for.
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