Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rejected Right: (Unedited): 28 Feb 2015:

Being the only one who does the right thing. Can make you the rejected one and the enemy to all sides.  
This is simple enough. It takes great strength and courage to stand up and reject everyone who is wrong. Even if both sides of a debate are wrong. This can happen especially in modern day politics. Where your two party political system has degrees of wrongness. Where one party is seen as worldly and hides all of their dirty secrets from their constituents. Then the other side who portrays itself as the righteous side. Hides all of their worldly sins from the blind media. Outwardly both sides hate each other and yet their children go to the same schools and the same summer camps. Really. The lies and deceptions are rampant. The free media is bound and enslaved.
This isn't about politics. It's about truth and what is true. People believe the lies they are told as truths simply because they have been repeated so much. Who originated this thinking process? Adolf Hitler the twentieth century's reining king of evil.
“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
Adolf Hitler
People must begin to question everything they think they know as truth. This re-evaluation with respect and honor is very necessary if the world we all live in is to survive. Actually, this planet will survive humanity. It is the future archaeologists who will wonder who we were and they will discover that we created our own extinction.
People can begin with the lie of racism. Then work into those holy men who teach love, peace and harmony but preach hate, conflict/war and chaos.
Just think about that. A preacher teaches that Jesus is love and then encourages his flock when they freely choose to go off into battle. How is that loving one another? The Imam teaches peaceful lessons of The Prophet Mohamed and the preaches his followers to go off to war. Even the religion of harmony is experiencing chaos.
When the one who stands for what is right in between the two different sides. Both wrong sides will forget the other and will attack the right one. The one who is right is truly brave to stand in the middle of all of those who is wrong.
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