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Your Final Moment: (Unedited): 28 Feb 2015:

In those final moments when you realize all is lost. Know that you are not lost. In those last moments all of the heroics that you can manifest shall. 

How do you define those final moments? Can you be in that last great battle in which all shall be lost and your efforts not remembered. In that unpredicted massive accident in which you save a life or many and yet lose yours. Maybe that accident is not so massive and yet your physical life is still lost.
Your in your own death bed waiting for the absolute end of your physical bodies life. What is it that you can do in those last moments. Cry out for more drugs? Remain angry? selfishly reliving your life's negativity and mistakes? proclaim all of your hatreds for those who have done you wrong? Quickly alter your will in some last defiant act of revenge?
or do you take your last stand with honor and in those respected positive lessons to be learned by those who remain physically alive after your body has merely stopped working.
These last and final moments of your life can become something incredibly profound and meaningful. All you have to do is take those last actions by running into the fire to save the last one. All you have to do is apologize with intended admission. All you have to do is forgive those who have done you wrong. All you have to do is give those positive instructions/directions in life to each one who is to physically survive you.
In those final moments even a child can have a very profound impact upon their parents. A child can be remembered and their birthday celebrated. But, when a child asks not to be mourned forever and wants more siblings. That is a profound statement of the importance of life.
You can also choose to end this life of yours in silence and allowing your life's history to stand as a measuring stick. Is that enough though? All of these are your choices in those final moments. Assuming you actually have that option to remain silent.
But, what if you do not have that option and your physical end to come is one of surprise. What if you are a soldier, a law enforcement person or a fire fighter. The time is now in communicating all of your intentions, instructions, love, apologies and forgiveness's.
These are your actions of your living funeral. To say those all important things. To celebrate all you have done. To be with and to be present with family and friends. 
In all that you have done or not done in your life. Is and can be very profound lessons for those who shall survive you, maybe for many generations. Admit your own faults and failures. Let those be those all important family wisdom's of don't do. Celebrate and tell of your successes and how you had to bring forth continuous effort all the way to the conclusion in order for them to be. Yes, even admit your addictions as pointed warnings in life. Yes, even admit your wrongful sins and they have harmed many. Direct your survivors not to follow your errors, sins, evil deeds and crimes of your life.
All of your life is important. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Insure that your life all of your life is fully known to all. Let each story be those positive stories of wisdom for everyone who is willing to hear and discern their true value.
After all. Don't you want those who is to survive you to become better human beings. Don't you want them to not make your mistakes and yet to succeed in their own defined interests greater than even you can expect of them.
Can you have a noble death with honor even though your own life has been greatly lacking in any nobility, honor, respect or kindness. A life can be changed even from your own death bed. How you act and the words you speak with truth will remain with the living.
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