Sunday, March 1, 2015

Student Teacher: (Unedited): 01 March 2015:

In every place in which you travel. You are both the student and teacher. In every situation you find yourself in. You are both learning and teaching the lesson. Even if you are unaware. So have an aware mind and a compassionate heart. Internalize the positive lesson and outwardly express positive attitudes.  
Each and every human being is an ambassador within this life.  Are you or have you been an ambassador for love or for hatred? For peace or for war? For harmony or for chaos? for righteousness or for evil doings? For life or for death?
Or are you one of those who can pretend to be good or bad depending on which way profits you more. You know what I mean. Out of Chaos comes peace or out of created chaos comes orchestrated peace. Who is the conductor? and how is it that the conductor cares not for who or how many suffer and die?
Life becomes better for everyone on this planet. If we all learn those important things in life. The true meaning of life and how to be aware of the spirit which can lead us or control us unaware. Even those living human/angelic gods were controlled until they died. 

The unaware and apathetic go through life as simple mascots of the conductor to this world. These mascots go through their lives out of control and powerless for any kind of change. This self imposed helplessness or pseudo-cowardice. Creates for themselves a cage like mentality and that is all that it is. A mental cage for the mind which prevent any sort of evolution or human betterment. This self imposed helplessness even enhances the latent animalistic nature within each one of us. Thus, causing the helpless person to even de-evolve back down into their primal sub-human animal. From that mentality, the body becomes what it believes.
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