Monday, March 2, 2015

Dig Value: (Unedited): ?? Feb 2015:

Any society which values their greatness and comfort more than righteousness, understanding and humility. Will become the next archeological dig for the next ones, who come after. 
This is really very simple. When an entire species begins to become so prideful that their wants and desires supersede all other life and things. They will slowly over time become extinct. Because, comforts and desires is about the here and now. This selfishness will become like a drug addiction.
 Kind of like how social media is today. No one really interacts person to person anymore or they are becoming self isolated by choice. As the new generation of young people go into adulthood. They will prefer to be plugged into the internet than to go outside and to have a person to person relationship with another human being.
Modern friendships will have no personal responsibility to any other person. So much so, that when someone just disappears from a social network. Some may inquire as to why or what happened to that person. But, then will just go on with their digital lives and fill the space with another digital friend.
Eventually, Dead persons will be discovered when houses or rents need to be paid or when their is a great stink.
 The digital lifestyle will become a contributing factor to all of our extinction.
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