Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spirit Lifting Souls: (Unedited): 28 Feb 2015:

The disharmony of many tortured souls coming together. Can create their own spirit lifting joyful song of celebration. 
There will always be a time when the abuses and tortures end forever. When that time comes celebrate your freedom. Celebrate this new beginning of your life. Celebrate with others who have had similar experiences as you had.
Do not relive those awful things but understand that you were the stronger one. That you endured it all. That is was never about you. You were just the body present and if it weren't you it would have been someone else.
So celebrate your victory. Make new life goals and achieve them. Then make more goals and achieve those. Then repeat.
Then write that book and publish it. Even if your only readers is to be your own family and friends. Tell that story of yours. It is that important. Just as you have always been that important. Even in those very dark, ugly and lonely times of your life. Document everything.
Celebrate life. Forgive them. Move on into joy.
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