Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Drop Rounds: Highest Human Ground: (Unedited): 24 March 2015:

Hope abounds when waring men drop their live rounds. 
It is really tough when the undereducated poor and powerless have an ability to participate in a military under the control of the educated and powerful.
Your family is looked after and protected. Especially, when you were born to harsh nothingness and born from no future of emptiness. Your then trained to be strong, smart and to survive. You are given so much in the hopes of sacrificing the most.
There is great trust and great hopes that the leaders of the world know just enough to lead and manage humanity into the next phase of human evolution. But, The cost of flamboyant pride and the egotistical  thirst for ever more power will lead all of humanity off of the high cliff into the free fall of total extinction. To such a degree that God will save only a small remnant when all of Humanity passes through that God defined line of no return.
Highest Human Ground: (Unedited): 24 March 2015:
We all must each to decide daily to take that higher ground. 
We all must each reach for that higher mental thinking process.
We all must each strive for that higher spiritual connection.
Until you do reach your highest ground.
Then we all can live a self describe life worth living. 
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