Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spiritual Righteous Growth: (Unedited): 21 March 2015:

Spiritual growth without righteous growth. Is religious sinfulness and lawlessness. 
Us humans tend to make a religion out of anything. For instance the new religious center in our homes involve the creation of  "Man Caves". In which we give all of our mental and spiritual energy towards that which entertains all of our family and friends. The laws in which promotes all of human life seem to have been completely forgotten or has become serious political debates. In which new laws are enacted in favor of sin and spiritual lawlessness under the guise of equal rights and more freedom.
Spiritual and righteous growth can only come when the whole person who is in complete agreement of the laws of God. Which are  (Law is Life = Love, Peace, Harmony). The arrangement of my formula form is the best I can do and is most likely inaccurate in it's representation.
Spiritualism of the self without any regard for any other life or soul is a self defined religion. Much like worshiping your sports team and the various sporting events viewed in your "Man Cave". Has this not become the place where you pray to the sports gods for victory? Isn't this the place where you have positioned the artifacts/relics and idols of your sports teams?
Spiritual Self growth can become it's own internalized religion. Where you develop your body, emptiness of mind and silence of spirit. In which the final result is you becoming an empty purified vessel. Ready for any demonic type spirit or fallen angel to easily reside in. Often times by your own permission.
Spiritual and righteous growth must involve The God of Love, The God of Law, The God of Peace, The God of Harmony and The God of Life. In which all of these things revolve around One God and not many gods. The many gods or fallen ones try to copy and mimic the supreme being but their true intentions become revealed when the false gods of peace desires you to go to war. Or the false gods of love want you to hate. Or the false gods of harmony desire you to sow seeds of chaotic mischief. The selfishness of the fallen ones becomes revealed when they send contrary messages of the Supreme Beings laws.
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