Thursday, March 19, 2015

Israel USA: (Unedited): 19 March 2015:

This is prophecy
Current News. The USA under the leadership of president Obama. Will re-assess it's policies with Israel.
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This can become a very serious issue for the USA. President Obama is all of our duly elected President of all of these United States of America and territories. It does not matter if you voted for President Obama or not. He won and won twice. It does not matter your argument against the sitting president. It just doesn't matter. The president is the singular voice of us all. So Say we all..   So what ever the President speaks. We all will either be blessed or become cursed.
 Here is why this can become very serious. If the president of these United States does reassess the American policy toward Israel in a negative and nonsupporting fashion. Then God Himself will discipline the whole of the country because of the actions of that Countries leader. God has done it before. Read your Bible. Or read these:
When God disciplines the whole of a nation. All of the people suffer. 
You doomsday preppers and survivalist. Just in case the President speaks of nonsupport of Israel at the UN and also n policy changes. Then expect God to discipline us all. Here is some extreme thinking. If President Obama is certain of Israel protection and favoritism from the God of Israel. Then President Obama may use the coming discipline of God to evolve his presidency into the supreme ruler under martial law. There is an old Kenyon prophecy that the Kenyon son will be the USA's last President. 
Dinner Date night with wife. 
We went to Chili's and sat side by side. We sat at table 22. It was very cool. In front of a television monitor which was on CNN. CNN aired to two stores about racial violence. A black skinned man hanging from a tree in Mississippi. The young black skinned college man from a Virginia College. Who was beaten bloody by police on cell phone cameras. Then the story of President Obama and how he is planning to reassess policy in regards to Israel. 
Usually, If God wants me to pay attention to a thing. I am usually presented with the number 22 in some fashion. 
Here are the numbers on the top line of the receipt. Table #22. Check #20020. Guest.2 
No more related numbers. Time 6:24 PM. 
The two violent stories based on race. is actually stories of false beliefs. The separation and division of the races of man is all a lie. We are one race of people called human. I found it interesting that these two lies and deceptions surrounded President Barack Obama story. All three principles were all dark skinned men. Do a Google search term: "C.J.MacKechnie Racism race" To learn the source of truth. The absolute logical facts. 
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