Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lawless Soul: (Unedited): 18 March 2015:

A gentle spirit/soul which chooses a life of sin and lawlessness. Is still easily put down.
For whatever reason a gentle soul or spirit chooses a life of sin and lawlessness is deep within their own psychology. To be able to walk into the darkness and to be able to engage with those dark souls who are at heart very explosively violent. Maybe for those gentle souls it is a path to self suicide. To exist in the dark world with darker souls.
When a gentle soul feels so worthless and unwanted. It is easy for them just to walk into the shadows and further into the darkness. To become of use to whomever or whatever is in the dark. Until, such a point that the usefulness of the gentle soul is no longer of any value. Then the gentle soul can be disposed of and their soul goes home to the god of the underworlds.
Yes, your family and friends shall be told that you went to heaven. But, that will most likely be a lie. As the owner ship for your soul has already been given away by you when you began to act upon sin and lawlessness without forgiveness or remorse. Your family and friends shall mourn you and believe the lies that your better off in heaven as that is where you shall be. 
The choices in life that we all make is based in our own free choice. Even if you think you have no other option but to walk into the shadows to become sinful and lawless. You shall still be judged. In that moment of your physical death. Your only hope shall be a do over or reincarnation if the God of all things is as merciful and loving as the everyone in Christian authority claims God is. I believe that God is loving and merciful and would not Judge a soul on mistakes made in a single short human life. Especially, when eternity and forever is involved. God being merciful would use the concept of reincarnation as HE sees fit to allow it. Would God allow reincarnation in every case? Don't know. Would God limit the number of reincarnations to happen with one soul? Don't know. I just know that God is going do what ever God is gonna do or not do. He is God and not me.
The reason I believe in Reincarnation. our spirits inhabit this physical form we call ourselves. I know there is something more after this body of ours expire. Just as John the Baptist was Elijah born again. Except physically not the same, but spiritually the same. This is the essence of reincarnation as spoken of by Jesus Christ. To Jesus it was just a matter of fact as it seemed.
The questions which would persist. Is reincarnation only allowed for those important souls or is reincarnation made available for every soul? That is for God to answer. Not me. My flawed human reason says it is just like how I am not a basketball player. I was not born to be one or i was not selected to be born as a basketball player. I think God selects souls to be reborn in bodies for that which is deemed necessary by God for whatever reason or purpose He has assigned to His decision.
For instance. I have seen many warrior souls born into severely handicapped bodies. I just have that sense of basic soul identity. Very basic. How is that for war. To fight a fight that you cannot physically win. When do you give up? or do you transcend your physical limitations as my aunt has and become a gentle warrior spirit. But how? how can you be a gentle warrior? A warrior must be violent and dangerous. I myself am not completely intellectually and spiritually evolved enough to understand that in its completeness. Maybe, one day.
My Aunt DBW has just recently passed and her spirit was the first one I have ever seen within a human body. The obvious presence of angels were also about her. This was during my adoptive fathers last living time with his brothers and sister for fun.
Remember what I have stated not often enough. Find the positive in everything I write. For some of you this may be difficult. It is for me as well at times. I am not an educated person when it comes to writing. This is about reincarnation and hope. For many souls who have committed suicide. There may be hope for a do over. Just as there can be one soul to begin within a body and then a second soul to inhabit the same body when the first one is removed. Then that same first soul can become the son of that second soul. Think about that.
Can a son or daughter become the parent of their mothers souls who had died in some way? maybe.
Did I lose you yet? All things are possible for very specific purposes of God.
The gentle spirit/soul which gets itself misguided in some fashion will most likely have more mercy than those spirits/souls who are absolute in their lawlessness and sin.
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