Thursday, March 19, 2015

Instant Abuse: Think freedom: (Unedited): 19 March 2015:

Once you reveal the lies and the victimization of you. It will be nearly instantaneous when your abusers begin to accuse you with violent intentions. 
Your abusers will bring out all of their big psychological guns. Everything shall be your fault. You will be the only guilty party for all of the problems your family has. They will bring up all of your mistakes, errors and troubles. They will blame you for everything. After, They have always declared to you. It's all your fault.
Be strong. Be brave. Be courageous.
Leave your bad awful family behind and begin your definition of what a life is really like. Choose to live your life without all of that bad and sad of your own childhood. Remember the alcohol? Drink none of it. Remember the drugs? Do none of it. Remember the sinful life? Reject it all. Remember the violence? Be at peace always. Remember the tobacco? Smoke nothing. Remember the medications? Take nothing.
To rise above your circumstance. Mean you must leave it all behind. Completely. No one take their trash into their new house. Same thing. To better yourself means to actually better yourself. Go and get that education and then some more.
 Think freedom: (Unedited): 19 March 2015:
Your freedom shall always be tied to your education and to remain free will be always tied to your ability to reasonably think for yourself.
Having the Wisdom of knowing that you are reasonably thinking for yourself.
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