Thursday, March 19, 2015

Empty Vessels of Nothingness: (Unedited): 19 March 2015:

Once you refuse to ever be the victim. You will begin to see deeply into the souls of your abusers and know them to be empty vessels of nothingness. 
Think about it. How can you ever have a meaningful relationship with those family members who had done your wrong? If you want to stay with your bad family. Then you will have to become just like them or worse become their forever abuse toy.  If you cannot find your courage and remain with your awful family. Then you will lose yourself and any hopes you may have ever had. Your dreams for a better life will become like the mid afternoon fog. What once was has become no more. 
It is really tough to leave all that you know and to go on your own with no support system. Think about this. You never had a support system. People who support you do not belittle you, abuse you or even torture you.
So you must be courageous and just leave them all. Do not ever return. No Christmas cards either. No return addresses. No shared email and no phone calls.
In this life. Start with the building of your foundation. This is logical and wise. Your foundation must begin with your education. Your education is crucial for life's advancements. Then continue your education. These are your solid stepping stones in which you can build the life you decide for yourself.
Think about all of those things in which your bad family has taught to you. You can think negatively about them all or you can think how they have taught you "How to not live your life" and "How to not raise children".  This is positive and helpful. Than the contrary.
Good people seem to most of the time do good things. Which will seem very alien to you. Even the good persons humor may just not be funny to you. But, Good people tend to support one another and not rip apart each other. Good people are not entertained by you getting harmed in any way. You can find the good people in those good places. Again, those good places may be places you have never been to. All of that goodness may be just odd, weird and very weird. But, do not let that scare you off. Learn how to become a good person. If you really no longer desire to be like your awful family. 
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