Saturday, March 28, 2015

Prophecy 2016: (Unedited): 28 March 2015:

This is closed. 01 Sept 2015. I just have not been thinking about next year. This Sept 2015 seems to be looming over me.
The Purple words are important. There should be a build up and continuation of old prophecies. Just because a year ends does not mean the prophecies end. 15 Sept 2015- 28 Sept 2015: Pray. 
If 2015 turns out to be a discipline year for the USA and the world. Then this Prophecy 2016 may never close as it would be completely or mostly or somewhat in error. If and when the events begin. Free choice given by God ends. Those who are not righteous. May very well be unable to change their minds and actually say so. Can you imagine people who actually know the difference between good and evil. Who know being good is better and yet are unable to change their ways on the most fundamental of levels. Their free will has been taken away and is evidence of already having been judged by God. Just as satan is unable to change his ways. Just as the Pharaoh during the exodus was prevented to change his mind. So to shall be those convicted. Their angers will be inflamed and they will attack in ways which has not been seen before. 
I have just begun thinking about 2016. I will be thinking of the Hebrew Calendar frame of one year. It seems that Christian prophecy is tied to the Hebrew Calendar. I may be in error. I will still be using the years 2016. Which will also be last last few months of 2015 and not include the last few months of 2016. This is a learning curve for me. These new parameters. We will see what happens.
What happens in the world is based on two things and two groups of people. But, maybe really three or more things and groups of people. Major negative world events is directly tied to the sin and lawlessness of the worlds leaders. The minor negative world events or the events which occur within your own personal or professional world is directly tied to your own sin and lawlessness. Sin and lawlessness is defined by The God of all. You can read the ancient Holy Texts for yourself.
My usage of the terms Prophecy is not to be considered those things set in stone. The simple revelation of prophecy is supposed to absolutely alter any coming bad and sad which is of human creation.
For instance. "If a prophet tells you that you will die driving to work tomorrow morning at 6:36: A.M. After you made a left hand turn from a light."
1). Well, you can take it that your absolutely going to die. So party on the night before. As your driving hung over to work. You die.
2). Well, You ignore the insane, crazy and very weird person. You get a good night sleep. Wake up do as you normally do and then you die.
3). Well, You lightly consider the words of the prophet. Make a few phone calls to friends and relatives. Express your love for them all. Get a questionable night sleep. Wake up late and nothing happens. Except your late to where ever you are going. While being extra vigilant on those left hand turns. You don't die. Was the prophet wrong or was the prophet successful? or was the prophet right and you altered the events through your actions and thinking processes?
4). You have a typical evening. You get up as you should and just take a slightly different route. leave at a slightly different time. Nothing happens. All is well.
5). You do as you normally do. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except at that light in which you must make that left hand turn. You hesitate and look real good. You know look left, then look right and then look left. At which time you were about to cautiously proceed. That is when you noticed it.
6). The prophet was truly off his rocker.

This is an over simplified approach to prophecy. Any prophet or seer who correctly predicts a bad and sad event and then glorifies in their powers and of accuracy. Should be shunned. It is my intention to change, prevent and or mitigate any bad and sad event in the hopes of saving lives. A further note. It is my intention to do what I can to prevent the second coming of the Christ. In which I must admit the impossibility of this. But, When Christ comes again. He will come as a lion and not as a lamb. The Christ will not be a friend and may in fact be an adversary.
 I do believe that most prophecies can be prevented. Especially, those created by humanity. The natural event prophecies may not be preventable in relation to humanities state of technology. But, lives can be saved through mitigation of the event or events. 
All of the prophecies of the bad and sad can be averted/prevented if all of humanity looks to one another as brother and sister. 
Loves one another. 
Exist in harmony. 
Lives in peace. 
Revere/Respect life. 
All by everyone's free choosing without threats, fears or intimidation's.
 The word prophet and mentor can and should be the same person. While speaking of warnings of those thing yet to come and then speaking of wonderful things to be hoped for. Both of which can be manifested by and through your own actions or inaction's.
Added on 28 May 2015: The Billy Graham effect:
2015 is in the 7 year cycle of USA discipline. If this is the last discipline for the USA. God may delay the last discipline just for Billy Graham. God has done it many time for the benefit of his prophets. God may do the same for Billy Graham. Please understand, I am making a very big hopeful assumption in regards to Billy Graham. I do think he is that important. I think that as long as Billy Graham remains alive. God may delay the final discipline or not. If the or not than all that I have written below shall be wrong and you won't be reading any of this here in the Former USA.
The death of Billy Grahams alter calls is apparent within the churches. The absence of church invitations  is apparent. The absence of genuine church miracles is apparent. The absence of repentance within the church is apparent. The absence of righteousness within the church is apparent.
Just in case I'm correct. Better pray in earnest and continually for Mr. Billy Graham to have perfect health and a much longer life.
The godliness which is very absent within the church and within religions may be to great even for the great Billy Graham to offset. I would not want or desire for Billy Graham to negotiate with God for me. I know what generally happens to prophets who try to negotiate with God.
 I'm using Charts from Steve Wyerts. I do believe his discoveries are meaningful and should be paid attention to by those who follow prophecy from any religion. Along with righteous living and thinking. Along with much prayer and meditation. As in the wisest amongst humanity today seem to pray and meditate 4+ hours per day. Those who are way more smarterer then me.
For 2016 his charts states the following books and chapters. If you are merely religious then the wisdom and understanding of anything within the Holy Bible or within any other Holy Texts may be closed to you. Unless of course certain stories are specifically being opened just for you. I do think the majority of the time God only opens portions of the Holy Books in order for you to learn not only the knowledge but also the wisdom and understanding of those stories. I think individual revelation is geared for each persons mental and spiritual health. To much information can cause great harm to the individual person. This is a form of Godly mercy and compassion. Not to be confused with those who are just religious, sinful and lawless as defined and judged by GOD.
2016 according to Steve Wyerts.
1 John 4-            Testing the spirits- God is Love.
Ruth 2-               Ruth gleans in Boaz field.
Psalms 16-         The Lord the psalmist's portion in life and deliverer in death. 
Jeremiah 9-        A lament over Zion. (After the fact of destruction). Research Zion, Research the
                           original name of the USA before it was known as the British colonies.
 John 6-              5 thousand fed, Jesus walks on water, Words to the people, Words to the Jews,
                           Words to the Disciples, Peter's confession of faith,
Exodus 24-         People affirm their covenant with God.
2 kings 21-         Manasseh succeeds Hezekiah, The King's Idolatry Rebuked, Amon succeeds
Psalms 116-       Thanksgiving for deliverance from death,
Daniel 4-            The King acknowledges God, The vision of a great tree, Daniel interprets the
                           vision, The vision fulfilled,
Its about context. All about context. If you can see last years history in the previous chapters. Then you can see probabilities in this years chapters as well as possibilities in next years chapters. Make sense. But, to have that kind of understanding, wisdom and spiritual revelation. Your probably gonna be one of those Spooky Christian rejects who are truly righteous an actually pray and meditate more than 4 hours every single day. That stresses me out just thunk-n about it.
2016 Prophecies
The following if the major 2015 event does not occur.
A). The increasing of police officers being watched and shot. Hit
B). The increasing of police shootings of people. Due to stress and uncertainty. Hit
C). New calls for gun control and ammunition controls as well as ingredient and tool controls for the
      manufacture of ammunition. Not sure if this is a hit. because these kinds of calls happen everytime something bad happens.
D). If the 2015 event occurs. The US military will be used against the civilian population as it was
       done during the Katrina Hurricane. Except more violent against the civilian population. OFF. Standing Rock North Dakota nearly 10+/- month long protest. In which US military forces were used against an unarmed and prayerful people. The police, military and federal officers could not be easily identified. They looked identical.
E). The beginning of the end of the California logistics tax base. To a lesser degree Oregon and to
      even a lesser degree Washington State. Not Sure
F). A continuation of the falling away of the churches into sin and lawlessness as defined by God. All
      inclusive of all religions. The rejection of and the falling away of the people as well. Hit. The inclusion of publicly sinful people who have no intention of repentance from their evil and wicked ways.
G). The growth of AI will eventually be used by the evil world leaders to come. Ongoing and on an evolutionary track.
H). Residences shall be repaired and made outside of Terra/Gaia.??What?? What???
I).  Many strange occurrences shall happen. The kind where a single person acts uncharacteristically.
J).  Law making wars among the states and judiciary systems.
K). Same as 2015. A continuation of changes within Thrift stores. Selling of donated goods on Ebay
       and  Amazon. Hit
L).  Corporations to become greater than nations. All of this begins in space. Not for 2016. Corporate Oligarchy began with President Donald Trump. Who was elected by the Christians.
M). NASA and every other Space agency shall classify all aspect of Space. Access to any live video
        feeds shall diminish over time.  Until, such a time as there is zero live feeds. This includes all
        current live feeds. NASA no longer a USA entity. NOT YET
N).  Israel Threatened more than they have known. Conditional. Yes.
O).  Russia. President Putin is a very real threat if he is pushed. He will do it. Yes.
P).  Anheuser  Busch InBev Beers will still endure very hard competition from the pure American
       Beer products within the USA market. Ongoing. They are losing market share. Domestically made non American Beer.
Q). The LGBT community shall use their new found legal rights and powers to influence more and
       more laws for their benefit as well as more restrictive laws against the Christian religion. Christians losing in courts. Unable to conduct business in accordance to their belief systems.
R). The rise of the brown shirts or maybe the rainbow shirts. They shall spy on all Americans,
       businesses and religious institutions. Their accusations will mean instant guilt and instant
       ruination. Nope
S).  Within the USA. Children shall be born demonically possessed. A self cursed nation and a self
       cursed people. The coming curses to come are not from God. They are cursings by the people
       and cursings for the people. Nope or uncertain
T).  American Tet Offensive. Is this the year? Nope not yet in 2017
U). The rise of exclusive business clubs which only cater to it's membership.
V). The civilian population takes the law into their own hands.
W). California. Mass exodus of wealth leaving California has already begun.
X). All prophecies which have or will become fulfilled. Shall be purposefully hidden or explained
       with overt lies.
Y).   Racial Divide becomes more violent. Hit
AA). Mistrust of government. The population will grow to become more and more distrustful to a
          degree that if an innocent person just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
          That person feeling that they are about to die. Will shoot the officer first. There is other
           content. keeping it to myself. If those who already have a criminal career begin to feel that
           they cannot run from the cops without being killed. Will in turn shoot the police first without
          being provoked. Any actions done by any police officer will be videoed even in states where
          it is unlawful to do so. They will be watching from their hiding places. This will be coupled
           with BB).

BB).  Police officers are being targeted and killed. So because of that uncertainty Police officers
          Will begin shooting first or have their weapons drawn in every interaction with the general
           population. Coupled with AA. Law abiding civilians feeling great fear with automatically
           defend themselves. Such as the recent WalMart brawl in Cottonwood, AZ.
           Added on 24 May 2015: Vision: The evolution of civilian dog use against the police. 
            I saw a neighborhood where the civilians hid themselves away or were not outside. The police
            were on the hunt and I could sense their hyper vigilance. Then on some signal or pre-planned
            position. The dogs were loosed. They immediately went after the K-9 officers. The police
            reacted in their defense. A dozen dogs maybe more. The shooting of the dogs began as they to
            went after the human police officers. Then the civilians began shooting from defensive
           positions. End of day vision.

 AA/BB). Just as their shall be more and more police and civilian shootings. The mass media will
                 over blow the stories. Thus, fanning the flames.

CC). If it is true that president Obama has or is to sign a ban on 5.56 ammunition for the popular
         AR-15 type weapons. To bad those AR-15 style of weapons use a variety of ammunition. This
         action will only be the beginning. When more and more police officers and civilians are shot
          and killed. The media will also do their part in the disarming of the USA. At which point more
          atrocities will occur when the new American criminals will be hunted and killed all over the
          Country. How long will this take? Maybe up to a few years from 2016. Maybe less.

DD). The Federal Government will assume all power and authority over every aspect of life.

EE).  The Panama Canal expansion project shall be completed near the end of 2016 or at the
          beginning of the new Hebrew Calendar year. There is also rail lines being built. In Nicaragua
          there is word of a $50 Billion canal to be built. The time frame would exceed the Panama
          expansion project. So if you have physical assets under a debt load. The time is now to sell out
          and leave California. If you are heavily laden in logistics. You should really consider moving
          somewhere strategically along the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic seaboard.

FF).  The falling away includes bringing  sin and lawlessness into the holy places. To such a degree
         That the church leaders will deny God and live in active physical, mental, spiritual sin. The
         church of love will become the bastardize version of all inclusiveness of every lust. The church
         of peace will become bring into itself all manors of mischief, struggle and war. The church of
         harmony will embrace creating chaos as a justified means of political and cultural survival. The
         life which was something of important within all of the churches of the world. Shall leave them
         all. They shall all become churches of death and spiritual emptiness. This spiritual emptiness
         shall not only be within in them all but also in those places deemed holy. Religions and
         churches within the USA must abide by the laws of the USA. To refuse will result in losing
         their own governmental (tax) benefits and eventual prison sentences. Eventually even the
         general population will be forced to abide by the new freedoms and rights laws. This will be
         applied to rejection of college scholarships, loans of every kind and employment at every level.
         The US Government shall have control over every religious institution.

GG). The known secret truth is that when the leaders of the world want to destroy in totality. The
          human link in the chain of destruction cannot be trusted. But, a programmed computer can be
          trusted not to fail or to dissent. Not 2016, but the growth of after it's birth from the fires of
          warfare. AI is artificial Intelligence. The growth of military robotics. Not the birth of. That
           has already been done. This is a key to a one government world. Fleets of Naval ships and
           boats. Flights of fighters, bombers, helicopters and transports. Armored units of every sort.
          What chance does the human flesh have facing an enemy with no fear?

HH).  Those places outside of Terra/Gaia have been known and now the technology has been
           advanced substantially enough to safely travel to them. These shall become those safe places
           in which they can rule/lord over those lesser humans who reside on the planet of of oppression
           and enslavement (Egypt of old). The name of Earth/Terra/Gaia shall be lost to the oppressed
           and enslaved inhabitants. Whether this actually happens or not. Is up to God on when He
           comes again. This is the intent of the human rulers who shall rule as if they are the god's.
           Many technological miracles shall they perform. Possibly even genetic manipulations of the
           spiritual gifts. Not 2016. I still have to write this.

 II).     The spirits and demonic entities shall begin taking more and more human bodies to reside
           within. They shall do things which are unexplained. Even after being caught and there is
           definitive proof. They shall still reply. How do you know that it is me? The response is odd
           but is actually factual. How do you know what you look like? You have had years and decades
           to know your appearance. The spirit or demon which takes over a host body. Does not know
           their new physical appearance. So they answer truthfully. This is not the same as the street
           wise and experienced criminal who already knows that it is the law which must prove
           everything including identity. Not 2016, rather more of a build up. A thing has begun which is
           unknown to me. This thing shall be ongoing. I do not understand it. As people become more
           and more sinful and lawless. As people partake in more and more mind altering substances.
          There shall be more and more demonic possessions. Of course we now live in a Godless world
          and as such demonic entities are believed in and shall not be used as an explanation. There
          shall even be demonic battles of demonic beings with one another for the most powerful of
          the human leaders.

KK).  Added on 11 April 2015: I added these old thoughts to mine to last years prophecy 2015. Yes, I
           know it was late. But, I felt very compelled to write it down and post it. I did already declare
           it a non-hit as it just wouldn't be right.  Here is what I have been thinking for over a year now.
           These genuine not for profit thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Will begin to
           have a presence online with Ebay and Amazon. Their in store pricing will also begin to reflect
           upon actual value of products of genuine worth. There will be three reasons why these changes
          will occur over time. 1). The incessant whining and complaining of dealers who often times
          can make 1000+% profit on donated high value goods. These thrift stores will begin to price
          themselves so that the dealers leave. 2). With the dealers coming less often into their stores will
          cause the corporate officers to seek out more efficient delivery of valued products. Hence
          placement on sites such as Ebay and Amazon. Then the evolution of this will be to create their
          own corporate resale website. Thus, bypassing more losses of income through Ebay and
          Amazon use. 3). This will happen because the corporate officers can only earn a greater income
          by percentage of profits. So the greater the profits the greater their income potentials.
          The effects will be a severe loss of income for all dealers nationwide as these thrift stores begin
          to take more responsibility for the valued goods given to them. This is a responsible action on
          their part. For every individual thrift store which goes online. Thousands of families will lose
          crucial income in each metropolitan region. Although, Ebay and Amazon will lose numbers of
          dealers. They shall not lose income in the short term. Until the large Non-profit corporate
          entities begin their own re-sale websites. If your a long term investor in Ebay and Amazon.
          You may need to re-evaluate your allocated resources and make wise decisions. This is a
          continuation of what I saw in 2015 and will continue on through the foreseeable future. Should
          you donate your valued goods to thrift stores? The short answer is yes. Your helping an
          organization known for helping those in dire need.  The long answer is NO. Why NO. The
          thrift stores must cater/pander to the dealer. In order to turn over product quickly
          and keep the money flowing. It's just business. But, those persons who buy high valued items
          on a regular basis. They each will begin to realize just how irresponsible these thrift stores are.
         Even though the thrift stores may not even be aware of the lost profits going to their frequent
         dealers who lay down the cash and stress the negotiation of sales. Just to further their own profit
         potential at the expense of those persons who are in dire need. The huge numbers of dealers
         which frequent the thrift stores are actually taken away need products for those people who
         must shop at a thrift store and cannot even to afford to shop at a WalMart. Can you understand
         this kind of legal theft. I have witnessed the suit dealer buying up the best suits for his own
         store. I have seen the for profit thrift store owners buying up product for their own stores. I have
        seen boutique owners buying up the best clothes for resale in their own stores. I have seen the
         toy dealers clean out the toys. Then to see that unemployed husband looking for a suit for the
        rare job interview. To see those kids come in and only to discover that the toy dealer was just
        there. The quality clothes are gone from the racks and the poor lose an opportunity to buy
        something really nice which was donated by some caring family. Can you imagine what would
        happen when a wealthy caring family discovers that their goods are going on Ebay and Amazon.
       So that a dealer can assume the vast majority of those profits.

 LL).    Should governments who are supposed to be controlled by the people and for the people.
            Allow corporations to take the lead into space? The short answer is freedom for everyone,
             so yes. Space and space research is a long term investment. New discoveries and new
             concepts can propel the discoverer 20 to 50 years in advancements. Which when a single
            discovery is made can leap from over another entity. While a discovered concept can bring a
            huge jump in advancement. Then add that into merging technologies. You start getting into
            the realm of those things which are hard to quantify. Now that corporations are in space. In
            this new birth of theirs. Everyone is watching and learning. Once the new corporate space
            baby begins developing their own in space research facilities. The downfall of the state
            begins. all aspects of technology will be under the control of corporations. Where it was once
            the state who had control of classified concepts. Now the corporations do. Technological
            advancements of the nations stagnate. While the corporations advancements surge. To the
            point that no government on Earth will be able to judge or discipline any space faring
            corporation. This also means to win a war against any space faring corporation. This is only a
            beginning. I believe it should be the nations which governs/manages people as in for the
            people and by the people. The USA has become for the corporations and by the corporations.
            A nation should control the outflow of technologies and concepts. This is because, humanity
            is in the era where new concepts and discoveries can cause all of our extinction.

MM).  The common person is just not interested in any aspect of space. This also includes the
             majority of people who are just apathetic to anything space related. The only people who
             seem to be interested in space are those who desire to catch NASA in their lies. To maintain
            a high level of classification in regards to space. The scientific related platforms will no
            longer show any live feeds to the common person. It will be an easy sell. It costs money to
            allow the common person to view live feeds. If you are not an approved science related and
            accredited person. Then you will not have access to any live feeds. There is just so much tech
            out there. NASA No longer an American controlled entity.

NN).     If the USA falls hard as into nonexistence. Then who will support Israel? How will they be
             re-supplied with weapons, ammunition and other military supplies of necessity? If the 7 years
             of woes for the USA continues. Then this 2015 is to be the third. Shall President Obama be
             the last President of the USA or will a Babylonian Queen rise up from the ashes in the form
              Miss Rodham Clinton? or will President Obama perpetuate Martial Law and extend his new
              throne? If if if? Either way it will not go well for Israel. Military technology is a force
              multiplier, But when supplies and the logistics are no longer reliable. Then they mean
              nothing. If the USA does not endure a catastrophic event in 2015. Israel needs to become
              military independent. A self sufficient Israel is good for the USA. Sell Israel old navy ships,
              including aircraft carriers and Helios-carriers. But that still does not solve the problem of

 OO).     All day this has been on my mind. Putin will do it. He will send the USA back to the 1800's.
              If the USA continues to pressure Russia and President Putin with sanctions and military
              threats to his own military actions. Including his transgressions into other countries airspace
              and water ways. He will take it to that next level. This is a very real and valid new threat. I
              did not think before this that he would go to that next level. I honestly thought President
              Putin could be reasoned with. But, President Putin will do what is according to his plans.
              Putin will not waver in his established plans. To the point of all out Nuclear war with the
              USA and NATO allies. Of course this part of this prophecy begins right now not just at the
              begin of the Jewish new year. Watch for the Russian and Iran alliance. The Russian and
              Chinese alliance. The Russian and North Korean alliance. What of their Indian alliance or
              their Cuban, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. alliances? What of their Brazilian alliance?
              Each one seems to be separate. Hence the way I wrote it. Read below.

PP).        Anheuser Busch InBev will continue to see steep competition in which they will not be able
              to hold there own against. The American population and those visiting tourist's will want to
               enjoy American made beers from Americans. Anheuser Bucsh InBev is no longer an
              American made beer. People will still enjoy their marketing commercials and their horses.
              But, they will seek out the true American beers to enjoy. Anheuser Busch InBev may have
              been the start of foreign owned rejection of American Companies. There is a reason why
              Anheuser Busch InBev calls their beer domestic and not American even though their
              commercials look very American. Maybe, Anheuser Busch beer should be labeled as
              "Domestic Non-American Beer".

QQ).      The LGBT community shall begin win every legal fight against every church which teaches
              the commandments of God. No church, pastor, preacher or teacher shall be able to teach sin,
              repentance or even righteousness. Between now and 2022. Christianity may even become
              outlawed and declared a mental illness. Any professing Christian within any government
              employment. Will lose their jobs because of any simple accusation. The Christian will
              eventually have no legal recourse. Even the National Christian Legal defense organizations
              will become powerless and become non-existent. This may even get to the point that anyone
              who even wears a cross or owns a Holy Bible. Shall lose employment. This is a ramping up.
              All of these things shall not happen in 2016. It is just a continuation. The LGBT community
              shall win against their Christian enemy. Maybe, even to the point that murdering of any
              Christian will not be investigated, reported in any media outlet or allowed onto the internet.
              Christian censorship shall begin as well. Which will even mean that all that I have written
              here. Shall become nothingness.
RR).       Anyone who is seen as discriminatory against the newly established laws of the USA. Will
               instantly lose all that they have. With no legal recourse as no lawyer will want to take up
               your case. For they to will suffer greatly. The media threat and they lose everything from
               any media which is contrary to government laws relating to newly established rights and
               freedoms. Everything will be used against the religious person as well as the devoutly
               righteous. In the beginning it all begins as media and legal attacks. But, over time it will
               evolve into physical attacks as well as non-investigated murders. These unspoken and
               unpublicized murders shall even be in the prison system. Where no one will speak of them.
               let alone investigate any murder done to any religious or righteous person who has been
               convicted of a hate crime which goes directly against the Laws of God and of the Holy
               Bible. 2016 is only a beginning of the woes to the Christian or at least to the genuine
               Christians who shall hold to the Holy Bible in it's entirety. This is directly related to QQ).
SS).        Within the USA. Children shall be born demonically possessed. Historically, I would
               assume only a handful of children are born demonically possessed around the world.
               But, not so for the formerly protected nation and people of God. The people have become
               so corrupted. That the demons which have been massing along the southern border will
               madly rush into every spiritually and physically weakened body that they can find. Females
               who are unbelievers but also actively reject the Word of God. Shall find themselves attacked
               especially, when their bodies have become overly taxed with the chemicals from alcohol,
                tobacco, illegal drugs as well as legal mind altering medications. This may also include the
                added GMO foods. May also include other contaminates from air, water, plastics and etc.
                When they are all added together maybe the natural spiritual protections the human body
                has against spiritual influences are diminished to the degree that demonic possessions are
                easily achieved.
               Is this to be the year for the American Tet Offensive? An attack upon American soil by
               Russia, China, Islamic entities, North Korea, Latino/Hispanic people. There is a piling on
               effect as this American Tet Offensive is prolonged. Shall it begin soon after the Jewish New
                year? Will this be the event which enables president Obama to retain his office indefinitely?
                or will there be an outside threat? or will it all work together?
UU).        The USA has passed laws which infringe upon religious rights and free speech. This law
                which was passed by the Supreme Court. Basically criminalizes every Christian and
                Muslim in the country.  Because just by their confession of faith automatically means they
                are against any form of sin as stated by their ancient Holy Texts. If a person of faith is true
                to their God/Allah. Then they cannot accept any form of sin into their lives, profession or
                even Holy Places. This includes any aspect of the LGBT rights granted to them by the
                government. Any governmental law created which is against God/Allah is null and void.
                This godless law of great disrespect and dishonor should not be acknowledged or accepted.
                 Because, of this. Christians, Jews and Muslims will establish exclusive business clubs.
                Which shall only do business with accepted persons. Businesses and Churches shall lock
                their doors to the general public.
VV).        The civilian population can no longer depend or trust in any law enforcement person.
                 Except for emergency response. The civilian population will not and cannot go to any law
                 enforcement person to reveal who the person was who did the criminal thing. In doing so.
                 the entire community will attack them and kill them. The end result will be a never ending
                 state of revenge and retaliation killings.
WW).       The exodus of wealth in California has already begun. This exodus will involve most
                 everyone who has the ability to leave California without a negative effect on lifestyle. The
                 middle class and the poor cannot move in the spur of the moment. So, they shall suffer
                 the most. Those who are in transportation and warehousing trades. Time to relocate and
                 obtain employment along the eastern seaboard. For when the Panama canal finally is fully
                 opened up. Those persons who sell their real estate assets now and then store their cash in
                 a safe environment. Will be able to reap much when all in California is re-started.
XX).         Any world affecting prophecy proclaimed by the old world prophets and religions. Shall
                 be hidden away. Any relevance to or comparison to any Biblical prophecy, Nostradamus,
                 Hopi's, Islam and any other competitive prophecies  shall be explained away. This is to
                 prevent a resurgence of genuine faith of revival. It is not desired by the world of satan. For
                 any religious leader to go back to their original teachings. This includes all aspects of
                 Christianity and Islam. All other major religions is also affected as well. If and when the
                  rapture does occur. It shall not be known and shall be explained away as people just move
                 around. People come and go. But, The people will just vanish and leave everything behind.
                 The numbers of people raptured will be just a remnant of the whole. This small number
                 will include those who have maintained the purity of their belief system. Those who have
                 embraced "Love one another", "Live in peace with everyone" and "exist in harmony with
                 all of creation" may be the ones who are selected and taken without choice. All other
                 aspects of prophecy shall be hidden away and those who are directly confronted with
                 prophetic events. Will be prevented from communication from other outside groups.
                Without threats, fears or intimidation's. Love one another, Live in peace with each other
                and exist in harmony with all things. Begin to live your life righteously as defined by the
                God of all things. The time is short. If you are unable to become one of the righteous. It is
                either your satanic worldly reason, your own pride and ego or you have already been
                judged by the God of all. Then your fate is already assured. i think we are in that time right
                now. Where no matter what miracles or what truly divine activities are manifested.
                Humanity shall not change. Will not change and cannot change.
YY).        It seems the lies and deceptions in regards to the many races on this planet shall win out
                over the truth. Most likely beginning in Sept 2015. Beatings and killings will occur simply
                based on a persons skin color. Everyone will ignore the facts and the history of humanities
                origin. Anyone who is not of the dominant skin color in any particular locale. Shall be
                harmed and maybe killed. It will not matter your purpose in that locale. If your the wrong
                skin color. It will be dangerous for you. The retaliations by the victimized race shall pour
               out their anger and frustration. They will have their vengeance. There shall be so much.
               That investigations will be impossible. No one will talk to any government related person.
                According to the Holy Bible. Which is the most accurate history book of all time. All of
                humanity is from the 8 surviving adult Family members of Noah. Which means we are all
                directly related to Adam and Eve. This belief that we are of different races is a lie and a
                deception. Which most likely began at the time of the Tower of babel.
We are all of one humanity, 
One family,
One relation,
One people.
               On 01 May 2015, I was greatly troubled and did not know why. I just was. Nothing in my life was troubling to me at all. Not to this degree. It is almost as if that an unknown decision had been made. Much like the troubling feeling I had a some time ago. Which ended up that another decision had been made. That the world can survive without the USA in existence and it was OK. My May 01 feeling had to be related to President Putin. I believe that he has decided that if the USA and NATO keeps up their pressure. Then he would at the very least send the USA back into the 1800's. In order for president Putin to be successful. He will also have to destroy the naval fleets and Americas ability to retaliate against Russia. President Putin will need a patsy or two or three, maybe North Korea, Argentina and Iran. Look for problems with Iran, North Korea, Falkland Islands, Central America and Mexico. Mexico is not in control of all of their states.
Added on 12 June 2015: I have added this content to prophecy 2015: The year 5776 begins Sept 14 2015: Now you know why 2016 may never happen for the USA.
Repent, Repent, Repent,
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.
To honor the Laws of God.

 To cherish life.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
Added on 26 June 2015: Another sin has been legalized within the USA. It is now a legal and lawful right to be gay.
This is 2015. For you the reader it may just be another year. For me this legal event to make sin lawful. Just means that which occurred within the USA in 2001 and then 2008. May be worse in 2015. What discipline shall come for every American citizen. It is unknown to me as I and my family may be included in the coming disaster. Since we are Americans and are directly responsible for the actions of our duly elected leaders. We may very well share in the hardship as every other American shall. If 2015 is not the end to come for the USA. Then we all should look to 2022. Read the purple and do the purple words in your daily life. Most likely between now and 13 Sept 2015 or maybe into the end of this year. Look for a coming unseen disaster.
Added on 28 June 2015:  I find it interesting that when a thing happens or a decision has been made. New prophecies become revealed and some old prophecies are altered while some no longer account for anything. In the last few days. Prophecies has changed and more become revealed or is that more probable. The USA is no longer a protected nation under God and neither are her people. We have become a cursed nation and a cursed people by our own collective agreement. Since the USA is a democratic nation which evolved out of a republic. We the people are all held responsible to the laws which are created.
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