Saturday, March 28, 2015

Demonic Car Thieves: (Unedited): 27 March 2015:

Auras are real. Auras have a purpose. Auras are both physical and spiritual in nature. In the spiritual realm the aura is very slippery. In the spiritual realm auras are the egg shell for human beings and human souls. The auras is our star trek shield barrier to all other spiritual beings. It is nearly unbreakable and cannot be punctured unless. You go through a process of weakening your aura by physical and mental means. Living a life of sin and lawlessness. Being a depraved individual of unbelief and apathy for anyone's feelings. Any mind altering substance can weaken your aura or spiritual shield enough to allow a demonic entity entry. Mind altering substances can be legal or illegal. They can even be medications. Some demonic entities are like car thieves. They go to every car to check who left it unlocked or in this case they go to every person to see if the auras is weak enough to just jump into. But usually a good strong shield will cause those demonic entities to stay back many feet. A weakened auric shield will allow an entity to get very close as close as the one videoed. Assuming the video's are real. In which at this time I am getting nothing on it.
real serious red words below.
Use your own discretion when viewing these few videos and others. Because, Just becoming a person who knows these things are true and real. WILL alter your own interactions with any kind of beings and/or entities. There is a huge difference between just believing and actually knowing. This is a warning. Especially to those ghost hunters. Because, they will follow you home and interact with everyone whom you call family and/or friend. PERIOD...
Once you transcend from fun and entertaining belief into the cold hard realization of the true nature of things -spiritual. You will no longer be able to have a simple sleeping human existence. Nor will you ever be able to responsibly involve most people in your life of knowing. It wouldn't be fair nor is it right. It is like waking someone up who is not ready to be awakened and if you do. You will be held responsible for their insanity and self destruction. PERIOD... 
These entities cannot be controlled by you nor can they be forbidden by your will to do your will. It is they those fallen ones who only want the human existence to end. These beings or entities will cause as much death and destruction to the host as they see fit. Because, the killing of the body does not kill them. 
The only for you to successfully negotiate with any of them is to become Holy truthful in your body, mind and soul. Just your mere presence will cause them to be uncomfortable and stressed. To the point that leaving the body in which they inhabit would be healthy for them. 
Because, if Peter can be influenced by satan. What makes you think you won't be? Your pride? Your ego? All weapons used by those fallen ones against you. That is in sense, a true and pure defeat. When you use all of your opponents strengths against them. The bottom line is they want all of humanity to die and they will promise everything in their short term as defined by their sense of time. Their end result is our extinction. You have to know this. You better know this fact. 
The entire Bible is filled with satan influencing humanity and the demons inhabiting human bodies.
Destructive Gifts: (Unedited): 28 March 2015:
Cool gifts from your unknown and unrealized enemy may in fact be those neat things which brings forth your own self destruction. 
This quote is primarily for those worldwide governmental entities who actually have the ability to cause the extinction of us all. It can also be applied to the individual level of persons who want to play with magic.

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