Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Unforgiven judgement: (Unedited): 30 March 2015:

I usually do not write like this. May need to revisit this. 
Nothing else matters to the already judged soul. Who shall always remain unforgiven. For the soul judgement is not about discipline or learning a lesson. It's about the end of you and the end of your disobedient memory. You the judged and unforgiven shall be cast into the fiery purification which benefits the whole of all which remains of Gods Chosen.
I'm a believer in the merciful God. The God of love, Kindness and compassion. The father of us all and as such. I do believe that if God willing re-incarnation is possible. To be born of many cultures and nations and times. To experience the lies of racism as if they were truth. In the old days before Genetic information. Humanity only had to go by physical differences to prove the differences  from one to another. Now in this modern era where the truth of how our skin functions, DNA finger printing and the completion of the Human Genome Project. All of this absolutely logical information which all disproves the lies of racism and yet. No one still believes the truth that we are all one human species, one human family and one human race. We are all brother and sister to one another.
Reincarnation may in fact be a false belief created by the Catholic Church under political pressure. Research it for your self. By one vote and with the Pope in boycott over this matter. In today's modern Christian. Re-incarnation isn't even considered.
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