Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Merging Thoughts and Beliefs: (Unedited): 30 March 2015:

Through the merging of the deceptive political thought and false religious beliefs. Does the educated person become enslaved. 
To control how another person thinks and acts brings unity to the masses and control to the chosen few. There is power in the numbers in which the few shield themselves within the masses who protect them.
This is the essence of deceptive political thought and false religious beliefs. Control, Authority and wealth. Where as political thought keeps you locked up in a box. The religious beliefs keeps taken care of the box. Both deceptive political thought and false religious beliefs will cause you to go to war in behalf of the box.
God brought the word to us all. He brought to humanity Love, Peace, Harmony, life and the law. When all of those few words work together for the benefit of the whole. By each persons free choice. Then everyone associated will find a joyful life worth living. This is more than just logical thinking. This is spiritual connectedness. While becoming a righteous person and a holy people. Without any lies. deceptions or false beliefs.
In the old days an educated person is a free person. They cannot be enslaved. Even slaves owners were concerned with the happiness of their slaves. Knew that if a slave was taught to much logical information. They would not want to be a slave.  ...Until psychological conditioning and brain entrainments were developed. Which merged together the mind, heart and soul into whatever false belief the leader wanted. When the specific entrainment of the mind begins at an early age. The older mind will hold onto it. No matter what actual truths are presented. Even backed up with many factual and logical facts/evidences. For instance racism. Racism is and has been the biggest lie that humanity perpetuates upon itself. Despite the facts of Human DNA finger printing and the human genome project as well as the ancient holy texts and through many oral traditions of many unrelated cultures around the world. All of this evidence proves that humanity is but one species, one race, one people and one family upon this planet.

To transcend beyond the constrains and restraints of deceptive political thought and false religious beliefs into that of a true righteous life. Shall make that person an enemy of every political thought and an outcast of every false religious beliefs. To become righteous and holy in the eyes of God is the intention of God. This is something which must happen individually and by free choice. In order for the human being to get to that next state of development. What ever that may be.

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