Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Religious Woes: (Unedited): 31 March 2015:

Woe is the heart of the religious. For their mind is full of how to live righteously. But, their desires are for worldly living. 
Confusion and conflict. Inflicts itself upon the religious person who cannot evolve into a state of righteousness and holiness as defined by God. The comforts and selfish lusts of the world wins out over transcending and ascending to that higher place.
Despite of the lies of false religious teaching where everyone can be successful, wealthy and beautiful as defined by the world. For those teachers speak the truth. That god wants you to be rich. They just don't happen to mention which god. For those teachers god is the god of this world and not the God of all creation. If you have studied the Holy Bible. Who is the god of this world? 
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