Saturday, April 4, 2015

Beautiful Conformity: Bloody Dissenters: (Unedited): 04 April 2015:

There will be those who believe that for humanity to become a one people and a one world. There must be conformity in all aspects of life. Through strict conformity shall humanity obtain an accomplished beauty that has never been seen. But, at what cost? Loss of natural evolution? Loss of Self directed ascension? 
The management of all of humanity is not the right path to becoming a singular people, a singular family, a singular planet or even a singular race of humans. Before we human beings can become a singular planet and a singular family of people. The truth must all be revealed. Starting by first making the truth, news worthy. You can start with all of the different human races and how racism is an action based on an absolute lie. Research for yourself DNA finger printing, The Human Genome project and a clearer understanding on how the skin functions. Not to mention how the ancient oral traditions and the Ancient holy texts clearly prove that we are all one race called human beings.
There is a reason why the leadership in North Korea are heroes to the rest of the world who wants to control everything. Just like how the wealthiest dictators are some of the wealthiest people in the world are are admired by the rest of the worlds leaders. 
Other losses will be in the arts, Music. Illegal - Free and illegal- unrestricted thinking will limit invention as well as accidental invention. Stagnation in all aspects of life will begin and will become an exponential decline. Creativity will be murdered. Any aspect of spirituality merging with the human mind and physical body will be impossible.
Of course all of those human beings who are to be managed forever. Will know not of anything and only know what has been taught to them without the freedom to question other possibilities. But, those who are of the management class will have the freedom to do as they will. So as long as nothing is revealed to the managed class.
Bloody Dissenters: (Unedited): 04 April 2015: 
Bloody shall be all physical, mental and spiritual dissenters. Those enemies of directed conformity. To be free of freedom's enslavement is a stressful release. Which often times requires the dissenters blood to be freed to flow upon the battlefield.
Assuming there is a such a thing as evolution or ascension. Which I do believe are both real and yet somewhat different to each other. I think evolution and ascension can be achieved in the single short life span of any human being who chooses to seek them out. But, for any human to do so. Immediately becomes a genuine threat to every religion and every political leader. A threat which must be destroyed. Just as all of those who have taught love, peace and harmony have all been murdered.
All of those who isolate themselves shall be killed. If you cannot be exactly like the many who are to be managed. Then you will be killed. This includes those survivalist and doomsday preppers. How this will be done is through isolation. With the state of technology the way it is today. Conduct research into their secret locations and then just drop bombs on them. End of their anti-conformity problems. If those who are to become the Human managers/gods cannot find a human being to obey their orders. Then those robotic drones will do it for them. All without dissent, hesitation or guilt.
Top Secret Drum Line from blue to bloody red. What is the real message? From minute 3. Just watch how the two dissenters are separated and isolated from one another. Then they each are ganged up on and then ultimately destroyed. This to is how everyone will be responded to in that time of the cleansing of all dissenters.
Captain America. Is he a dissenter from planned and directed conformity? What happens in the next movie. Where Bucky the former dissenter is brought back into conformity time and time again. When any dissenting unwanted memory develops or creeps back.
The only hope for humanity at this time is to search out the truth and to question within themselves everything they think they know is truth. The journey towards evolution and ascension can be merged together for a spiritual freedom. Which has only been known to only a few human beings all throughout human history. This does involve choosing to freely live your life within the philosophy of love, peace, harmony, life and law.
Your total freedom if you freely choose to follow the journey towards evolution and ascension based on the principles of law, life, love, peace, and harmony.  You shall become as the creator intended. A righteous and holy people as he defines it to be.
To be righteous and holy are not those things which are only awarded to a lucky few and is determined in a vote by only a few so called superior human beings
Righteousness and Holiness are states of being. 
This is prophecy.
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