Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mentors Disappear: (Unedited): 04 April 2015:

An arrogant and disobedient people will not be aware of the disappearance of their mentors. While at the same time they will hear the shouts of crazy prophets screaming at them as they all go about their business.
It seems that in this modern age. The successful people are in no need of any mentors. Nor they even desire to hear and listen to their profound wisdom. In just a few generations. The mentors shall all but disappear once their rejection begins. They will be replace by a army of screaming John the Baptists. 
Ye, who believe themselves to be good people. Listen to these insane prophets who scream at you. For they know your time is short.
Think about it this way.
During the good times of life the mentors will speak in their soft encouraging tones and gentle warnings.  To everyone. But, as sin and arrogance seeps into your mind and hardens your heart. Those gentle spirits who were those mentors. Will slip away as a never ending tide which recedes quickly. You may even have noticed and inquire why and where did they go. Then as the tide is fully gone and all you see is dry land. You hear the shouts and warnings of the crazy prophets trying to get your attention.
In the USA the tide went out in 2008. Which was preceded by the attack s in 2001. This is 2015 and hopefully the tide will stay out much longer. But, the longer the tide stays out the greater the incoming tsunami. 2015 is the time for either another admonishment or for the tsunami to come rushing in.
How to not be arrogant or disobedient.
It is very simple.
To love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in Harmony.
Te revere life. 
To obey the law.
Ahhh. The law. By your own free choice do you obey the law. Through your own understanding and through the wisdom given to you. Do you obey the law. Without any fears, threats or intimidation's. Do you obey the law. Because, to do so. Does mean that everyone shall have the freedom to live their own lives with purposeful meaning.
To do otherwise. We have a world in which we have right now. Perpetual wars, Perpetual sufferings, Perpetual crimes, perpetual illnesses and diseases. It is all of our ancestors who made the world we experience today. It is through their disobedience, sin, selfishness, arrogance, ego, and pride. Through their actions of Hatred, War, Chaos and Death. Do we all have what is very evident in the whole planet today.
The prophecies is what it is and only if the whole common population of this planet can alter their lives and live by those blue words above. Will all of those words ever spoken by the prophets. Can be averted. It is very possible although not very plausible. It is all of humanities collective choice. When the tsunami begins. There will be no place to run, there will be no safe places.
This is prophecy.
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