Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pub Honesty: (Unedited): 03 March 2015:

Woe it is to the ones who discover the truth. That there is more honesty in bars, pubs and clubs then there is in Churches, Temples, Mosques and synagogues.
Where is the honesty within those places within religions? You find pretend peace and secret sins within the mosques. You find pretend love and live of separate sins outside of the church building. What can you find within those temples and synagogues? Chaos and lawlessness from those persons outside of those religious buildings. While at the same time pretending to be in harmony with all and honoring all aspects of the laws.
When you believe that you can hide all of your sins from the religions of man. Your belief and faith is evident in the hidden truth of your actions.
Professing with your tongue is not the same as professing with the spirit and committing your life to a life of righteousness and holiness. If you mentality is to seek profit any way you can and by any means necessary. While knowing you can financially pay for your forgiveness monetarily. Is again proof of your arrogance and proof of your true belief system.
Have you traveled to new lands and other countries wheres sin is open, accepted and rampant? Have you drank of their wine(Can be any beverage) and been with their men and women for a fee and yet return home to your most revered country and pretended righteousness and holiness? No matter your sin contaminates your whole being much deeper than tasting or touching of any pork related product. There is NO amount of proper washing away of your sins in the correct waters while wearing pure clothing. Which can clean you from this kind of sin.
Just as it is for you who have been deceived by those whom you humanly trust to go off to war in the name of the one true God. What does the God of Love really mean? To hate? What does the God of Peace really mean? To war? To fight? to struggle? What does the God of Harmony really mean? To create chaos? And what of the God of Life? What does the God of Life really expect of you? To go out and to kill? to murder? to abort babies? to end life where ever you have been ordered to in warfare?
Here you are in the bar, pub or club of your choice. There are those enjoying themselves, There are those complaining about life and their are those trying to lie about some nightly privacy, but maybe it is somewhat truthful. Everything is open and honest. Even the lies are honest. because, you know it is happening. Yet, within all of this sin. The truth of the matter is still very evident. They all have come here for only a few reasons. To escape and to hide. To find some kind of pleasure or to drown their sorrows. Friendships are created and no one really needs to hide their sins, short comings, faults or failures. lets all cheer for the religion of sports teams.
There is more honesty in the religion of sports teams than in religious buildings. After all who is actually building religious rooms into their homes today? Think about it. But, who wants or already has that man cave?
Even when the athlete knocks his soon to be wife out at the casino elevator. But, it's OK so as long as he performs on the field. The college athlete who repeatedly commits crimes and still gets to be a hero on the field and graduates to the pros. The truth is revealed and the honesty is apparent. No matter what you may profess with your tongue.
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