Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Divine Absence: Negative Separation: (Unedited): 04 March 2015:

It is with an angered mind and a hateful heart . Which keeps you absent of any divine wisdom and revealed understanding of any withheld holy secrets.
Negative Separation: (Unedited):  04 march 2015:
It doesn't matter why, how or even who has caused you to become angry and hateful. It is these and other negative thoughts and emotions. That you choose to hold onto. Which keeps you separated from God your Father. 
Where does the God of your understanding want your mind and heart to be? Just ask yourself that. No matter what your religious leaders have said to everyone in public or even in private.

To live by the law or to live in lawlessness? Which one? You can only do one or the other. 
To love one another or to hate? Which one? You can only do one or the other.
To exist in peace or in conflict? Which one? You can only do one or the other.
To be in harmony or in chaos? Which one? You can only do one or the other.
To nurture life or to kill life(murder)? Which one? You can only do one or the other. 

The fallen angels and humanity seems to always be able to always twist the intended words of God. There always seems to be at least three choices in life and usually two of the answer are wrong.
(A). That is until you choose to be righteous. Then you have only one choice. It is still a choice but the righteous person only sees one and it is of course the right choice.
(B). That is until you choose to be evil. Then your freedom to choose is absolutely taken away without any awareness and if you do have awareness. Then you just don't care. All of your actions will be one of evil and selfishness. If you happen to do a selfless act of anything good. Even that shall not be of your conscious choice. It will be God or the Divine Angels assuming control over you for a specific purpose or action. Again, You do not have an aware conscious choice. You will just do it.
(C). You don't believe in any of this bat guano and do as you please. Because, deep down you know your a good person and always do good when ever you can. That sin stuff is over rated and all God really wants is for you to be happy. Well, read (B). It still applies to you.
Evil can be popular, acceptable, welcoming, beautiful and smiling.

It is my intention to express the logic of this. To me it seems absolute and spiritually appears to me as a formula which is not two dimensional. Which incorporates much more data. If you have read my history on this particular subject matter. You can see evolution in my understanding.
Here is the math behind the purple words. If you choose any of the second choices. Then that one wrong choice will bring about all of the other second choices. It is just the way it works. So know that when your pastor, Imam, Rabi your friends and your family choose to celebrate and support your decision to freely choose to go off to war. That decision will lead you directly down the road of Lawlessness, Hate, Conflict, chaos, murder. This is the potential on what can happen when you choose the wrong second choice.
But, what happens when you don't make a choice. Then you become the victim of the coming storm. By actively not freely choosing the first choices. You automatically become associated with the second choices by default.
Again where does the God of your understanding want your mind, Your heart and your spirit to be? I did specify the spirit above did I? Everything that you do and think is of your choice. That is until, Your judged at the moment of a spiritual decision. Then you become useful property or fodder property to the god of air and of Earth. Which is who? Satan.
If you are of the knowing of the difference between right and wrong. Look at the purple words again. Look at each of the first choices and then of the second choices. Which is right and wrong without any conditions. See exactly how far you are from righteousness or how close you are to evil? Same thing?
Personal Note:
In my younger days. I was not a good person. I wasn't raised nor was I treated to be a good person. Then things changed in 1984. From that singular uncertain moment of questionable decision. I made a change and a slow growing change began within me. When I tell you slow growing it was slow and with plenty of old weeds trying to choke out the new.
I discovered something as I began to travel back in time and to relate present understanding to those things, those evil deeds, those bad actions, those wrongness, those selfishness. All of those things in which I have done in my past have grown into very tall and thorny weeds. To such a degree that even those weeds in which I began as seeds. Did not even know me and began to prick me. There were still those whom I have harmed that still held onto to those emotions and many have had their lives altered not by me but maybe because of me. It is possible. Even 30 years later. Through life experience. All of my own second choices that I have made in the past. Still exist today in some form. Even though I am no longer the person who made those second choices. To think logically along the lines of particle wave theory. Those particles of second choices have made their own everlasting waves of perpetuating wrong doings. So is it my fault for the harm of some unknown person in India or Southern Africa or Russia or South Korea? Very plausible. The particle creates the wave. The wave will eventually make an impact and then reflect into another direction. The frequency and energy of which cause harm to all. Even into the depths of this planet. Then magnify that energy, frequency and particle waves by billions of people who go forth daily and cause harm in some form or another. The more harm we cause the more it magnifies and propagates through time as a wave which grows exponentially like an unseen tsunami. So what is in store for the future of humanity? How long can you tread fire?
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.  
To exist in harmony with all.  
To Cherish all life.  
To be obedient to the Laws of God.  
To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.  
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